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  1. Hi all, we're looking for a new Technical Services Technician to work in our brand new purpose built GB headquarters in Camberley, Surrey. The purpose of the role is to carry out technical inspections, repairs and servicing works on STIHL products in our on-site workshop, and there's more information about the role including details of how to to apply on our website here: Technical services technician | STIHL WWW.STIHL.CO.UK We are currently offering an exciting Technician opportunity for someone with experience in mechanical maintenance to join our Technical Services team, based at our new purpose-built...
  2. Hi, yes you can use the Protos 3M Peltor attachment brackets to fit them. They are readily available as a spare from many arb dealers. You are right - ProCom are deeper than the standard ear defenders so will sit slightly proud of the helmet.
  3. Hi Steve, yes you're right. They use Bluetooth Mesh to connect up to 16 headsets in a network. Each headset acts as an amplifier and extends the range up to a maximum of 600m between each headset. Of course like you say in your example, with trees, hills and obstacles in the way, you could connect 4 people who are 300m apart over a distance of 1200m. The headsets notify you if they are losing connection well in advance though. Here's a blog with more general details about them too. The New STIHL ADVANCE ProCom Headsets | STIHL Blog BLOG.STIHL.CO.UK Our new STIHL ADVANCE ProCOM headsets combine ear protection with intelligent communication for teams. Take a...
  4. Here's the weight comparisons broken down with about 1kg total difference fully fuelled and oiled. @AHPP MS 261 C-M: Powerhead 4.9kg Oil tank capacity: 310ml = approx 310 g Fuel tank capacity: 500ml = approx 500g Light 04 bar 16": 679g RS Pro chain: approx 250g Total approx: 6.6kg MSA 300: Powerhead and AP 500 S battery: 6.4kg Oil tank capacity: 310ml = approx 310g Light 04 bar 16": 679g RS Pro chain: approx 250g total approx: 7.6kg
  5. Sorry but that was the info I had to hand whilst answering all the questions on here, but I agree it's not ideal and the exact head to head you want. I'll try to get the full info asap for you.
  6. I'd rather not comment on head to head tests against other manufacturers machines, but I'm certain there will be plenty of tests once we release the chainsaw next month. Also, we have a MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O top handle chainsaw coming out later this year too, that work best with the AP 300 S battery, but can also use AP 300, albeit with the power of the MSA 200 rather than 220. All AP batteries can be charged on STIHL AL chargers too.
  7. Hi, they are different motors in the MSA 200 and 220 (1.8kw vs 2.1kW) and it doesn't increase if you put in the higher AP 300 S battery in the MSA 200. The AP batteries and AL 300 and AL 500 chargers can all be used with each other too. The chargers just trickle the last 20% of the charge. Hope that clears it up.
  8. A key point I think worth adding and that Steve touched on briefly is charging cost. Right now fuel prices are at an all time high and the cost to charge the AP 500 S battery after the 1 April prices increase to (28p/kW) will be 9.4 pence, assuming you're paying the price cap cost. I put a small blog together about the cost of running cordless tools here: The Cost of Running STIHL Cordless Tools | STIHL Blog BLOG.STIHL.CO.UK A key benefit of STIHL cordless tools is cheaper running costs compared to a petrol tool. Find out more about the true cost...
  9. Hi, the MSA 300 is 5.4 kg excluding the battery, including the Light O4 bar and RS PRO chain which is the same combination as the MSA 261 C-M. The MS 261 weighs 4.9kg without the bar and chain (or fuel). The AP 500 S battery weighs 2.0kg, so its a total of 7.4kg for the MSA 300 plus chain oil. Full spec and pricing is here: https://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/Chainsaws-and-pole-pruners/Cordless-chainsaws/2144339-1583/MSA-300-Cordless-Chainsaw.aspx Paul, STIHL GB.
  10. Hi Joe, it's good you point it out. Muscle memory soon takes over and it becomes completely natural, but of course if you just pick the saw up and use it for the first time it takes a little getting used to. It does stay on (live) for a short while before deactivating, and is easy to reach. Thanks. Paul, STIHL GB.
  11. Hi, the batteries are inter-changable. The AP 300 S battery is needed for 2.1kW electrical power in the MSA 220, the same as the MSA 300 needing the AP 500 S for 3.0kW electrical power. If you use a lesser battery you get less power from the chainsaw but it will still work. If you use a AP 500 S battery in another tool, like the MSA 220, you wont get more power, but you'll get more working time - approx 20%. All working times are here on p31 of the catalogue: https://www.stihl.co.uk/p/media/download/uk-en/STIHL_GB_2022_CATALOGUE_low_res.pdf Thanks. Paul, STIHL GB.
  12. Hi, we're close the launching the AL 301-4 charger (4 slot multicharger) and there's a little more info in our catalogue. It will be on the website soon too. https://www.stihl.co.uk/stihl-catalogue.aspx . You're right about forestry work though; if you're away from a power source or unable to carry multiple batteries for all day work then it's not right for that particular job. For Arb work its ideal, where we can now offer equivalent cutting speed of the MS 261 C-M. There are 2 charge times for the AP 500 S battery with our fastest AL 500 charger - its; 40 mins to 80% and then 55 mins to 100% charge as the last 20% is done slowly (and cooler) to preserve battery life. Page 31 of the catalogue pdf on the link above has all working times and charge times. Hope that helps. Paul, STIHL GB.
  13. Thanks Steve. Our AL 301-4 charger will be out soon, as well as a carrying solution for batteries if you need to move them from van to the job. Paul, STIHL GB.
  14. Although selecting the model of tool required is often seen as the key decision, choosing the right fuel can be equally as important as this can have a significant impact on the performance of your machine. MotoMix is STIHL’s patented fuel formula that has been created especially for STIHL 2-stroke engine power tools. But what exactly is the difference between MotoMix and regular fuel, and what difference does it make to your tools? Whether you’re using a chainsaw or hedge trimmer, you want to know that you’ll be getting the very best out of it. STIHL’s MotoMix is pre-mixed at a 50:1 ratio of specially formulated quality fuel and HP Ultra oil to deliver higher performance, better start-up behaviour and improved acceleration each time you run the machine. When it comes to maintenance, the most important difference between MotoMix and regular fuel is the additional protection it provides for your tool. MotoMix uses HP Ultra oil, which is STIHL’s highest quality 2-stroke engine oil, meaning it can take on tough jobs with ease. As well we keeping the engine cleaner, it consequently gives your engine a much longer service life. STIHL’s MotoMix also has a host of other benefits. To save time getting up and running, MotoMix eliminates the hassle of having to measure up your fuel and oil to mix together as this is already done for you with exactly the right proportions. It is also a much cleaner option to run, which is especially beneficial if you are running tools for long periods. MotoMix is free from ethanol and has almost no olefins and aromatic compounds compared to traditional fuel, making it better for the environment. No matter which tool you are using it with, MotoMix is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Once opened, the fuel will not go stale – and as long as it is stored in a dry and dark place below 20ºc, MotoMix can last up to five years, making the patented formula an incredibly economical option for professionals. For more information, please visit www.stihl.co.uk
  15. Thanks for tagging us in Steve. Yes, we generally do a TIMBERSPORTS taster weekend in Spring every year although we don't have anything confirmed for next year yet. We have a list of people that want to be notified once the training camp dates are released - if you drop an email to [email protected] asking about the taster weekend, we can add you to the list. In the meantime, it's probably also worth contacting the British Lumberjack Sports Association. You can find more info about them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1678770722358615/ This group is for anyone who is involved in lumberjack sports so you can post where you live and someone is likely to come back to you and let you know the nearest local group you could join. If there aren't any clubs close by, they are also usually pretty helpful when it comes to tips on training as well. I hope that helps, but let us know if you need any other info. Thanks STIHL GB


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