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  1. Although selecting the model of tool required is often seen as the key decision, choosing the right fuel can be equally as important as this can have a significant impact on the performance of your machine. MotoMix is STIHL’s patented fuel formula that has been created especially for STIHL 2-stroke engine power tools. But what exactly is the difference between MotoMix and regular fuel, and what difference does it make to your tools? Whether you’re using a chainsaw or hedge trimmer, you want to know that you’ll be getting the very best out of it. STIHL’s MotoMix is pre-mixed at a 50:1 ratio of specially formulated quality fuel and HP Ultra oil to deliver higher performance, better start-up behaviour and improved acceleration each time you run the machine. When it comes to maintenance, the most important difference between MotoMix and regular fuel is the additional protection it provides for your tool. MotoMix uses HP Ultra oil, which is STIHL’s highest quality 2-stroke engine oil, meaning it can take on tough jobs with ease. As well we keeping the engine cleaner, it consequently gives your engine a much longer service life. STIHL’s MotoMix also has a host of other benefits. To save time getting up and running, MotoMix eliminates the hassle of having to measure up your fuel and oil to mix together as this is already done for you with exactly the right proportions. It is also a much cleaner option to run, which is especially beneficial if you are running tools for long periods. MotoMix is free from ethanol and has almost no olefins and aromatic compounds compared to traditional fuel, making it better for the environment. No matter which tool you are using it with, MotoMix is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Once opened, the fuel will not go stale – and as long as it is stored in a dry and dark place below 20ºc, MotoMix can last up to five years, making the patented formula an incredibly economical option for professionals. For more information, please visit www.stihl.co.uk
  2. Thanks for tagging us in Steve. Yes, we generally do a TIMBERSPORTS taster weekend in Spring every year although we don't have anything confirmed for next year yet. We have a list of people that want to be notified once the training camp dates are released - if you drop an email to timbersports@stihl.co.uk asking about the taster weekend, we can add you to the list. In the meantime, it's probably also worth contacting the British Lumberjack Sports Association. You can find more info about them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1678770722358615/ This group is for anyone who is involved in lumberjack sports so you can post where you live and someone is likely to come back to you and let you know the nearest local group you could join. If there aren't any clubs close by, they are also usually pretty helpful when it comes to tips on training as well. I hope that helps, but let us know if you need any other info. Thanks STIHL GB
  3. Hi, the weight is 3.7 kgs without a battery, with a bar and chain. The current MSA 200 weighs 3.3 kgs. With the AP 300 S battery (which is needed to get 2.1kW out of the new MSA 220) it will weigh 5.5kg total. Hope that helps. Paul
  4. Hi Swinny. A solenoid might be a good starting point but feel free to drop us an email - enquiries@stihl.co.uk as I'm sure we can take a look at it here if it's not been able to be fixed by your dealer. I'll drop a screenshot of this to customer service now so they know if you email in. Thanks Paul
  5. Hi, I'm a little late to this thread but it's worth explaining what the fuel solenoid does and why we've seen a few failing. Essentially it replaces the manually adjusted screws on the carburetor so the opening closing of the fuel solenoid varies the amount of fuel going into the machine. This is controlled by the m-tronic module, which is the brain of the chainsaw. What we've found in some cases is that dirt in the fuel tank has been prematurely wearing solenoids. Sometimes when the saw is hot it wont re-start and a worn solenoid is the cause, because it's not getting the amount of fuel right. We've all seen the state of kombi cans after a year or so, and we recommend that you always try to keep a clean fuel tank, keep the dirt off the top of your kombi can to prevent it going into the fuel tank, and give it a wipe down/spray at the end of the day as part of your regular saw maintenance. You'd be surprised how much gunk can get into the fuel system, even when the cap is only off for a few seconds - and some (most) of this is usually down to a dirty can. The solenoid can need replacing but is pretty simple to do yourselves and we'll look to get a guide created. If a solenoid valve continues to fail, I'd also check fuel lines or the fuel filter. Always do an M-Tronic reset on the saw after changing a carb/solenoid or M-Tronic module too. We showed a solenoid change to the guys that visited STIHL GB a few weeks back and showed how M-tronic isn' t a complicated system. It's just not that well understood that the main parts of the saw are not that different from a non M-Tronic machine. We've got a blog here that explains more about M-Tronic for those that want to know more: https://blog.stihl.co.uk/stihl-m-tronic-technology-dispelling-myths/ Sambo - you're right that pump fuel can cause issues with carbs too - high ethanol fuels degrade gaskets and if left in a machine for a while can gum up. Using fuels with less ethanol like BP/Shell or MotoMix helps. Hope this helps, Paul
  6. Glad you like them. Is that the 120 or 140 you have there? We have the MSA 200 as well which packs a little more punch. Battery technology is improving all the time so there's plenty more to come from us.....
  7. Yes, its 42 mins with AP 200, 45 mins with AP 300 but you need AP 300 to get full performance. That's 1.2kW with AP 200 and 1.8kW with AP 300.
  8. Hi, That's a video using an old MSA 200 battery saw. It's been improved since then (in 2015) with a 25% more powerful motor. The MSA 200 in back to back tests is very similar in cutting speed and performance to a MS 211. If you want any info on the MSA 200 then please let us know. It's a very capable battery saw. The run time is 3 mins more with AP 300 but you need the AP 300 battery to get full cutting power/performance out of the saw vs the AP 200. Thanks, Paul
  9. Thanks Wes. The 4 series mulcher is a really popular Pro mower. Glad you like it.
  10. If it's unbalanced, I'd recommend speaking with your dealer as it should be better balanced than the 40-2. It was changed to make gaining access to the spool easier, a better eyelet for an easier feed and to give the full range of AutoCut heads a lower profile.
  11. With the HLA 85 having weight so far from the user, it's worth using a RTS harness. It may be worth a look when you're next in a dealer as you can move a detachable clip along the tool to get the right balance. https://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/KombiSystem-and-MultiSystem/Accessories-for-KombiSystem/21696-1555/RTS-Super-Harness-for-long-reach-hedge-trimmers.aspx The hedgetrimmers have a very good run time and it is good to have the weight on the bottom of a HLA 85 to counter the head.
  12. We are aware of some issues with a limited number of the HL heads and we are in constant communication with STIHL group to establish a solution. We do understand that problems with your equipment makes life difficult and want to support anyone who has this. If you do encounter a problem, please take the product to your local STIHL approved dealers. Approved dealers have direct contact with our technical team and are best placed to support you. Our warranty policy covers situations where the product has failed due to a defect in materials or manufacturing. If you do have an issue you would like to raise directly with us, please email enquiries@stihl.co.uk and we will do our best to help. The image you shared there (from the facebook page) is from a user who we are in touch now and are resolving the issue as quickly as we possibly can. Paul
  13. Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback. There's a few factors at play - weight, balance and ergonomics being some of the key ones. A battery slot could be a good feature to have and that may be addressed in the future. For now, taking the weight out the tool for ease of use was the priority. Thanks, Paul
  14. Thanks Steve - you beat us to it. The KMA 130 came into stock this month and the first units have just shipped to our dealers. If you are interested in seeing it, best call them in advance as not all dealers will have them quite yet. It performs well with all the petrol kombi attachments with the exception of the bent shaft grass trimmer which is a domestic attachment and the cordless kombi head is too powerful for it. Like the BGA 100 blower, FSA 130 grass trimmer and HSA 94 hedge trimmers, you can choose from 3 power settings with a flick of a switch on the handle. It doesn't have a battery slot so you run it on the STIHL AP batteries via a belt or backpack, or the STIHL AR backpack batteries. We hope you agree it's good to have a choice between cordless and petrol tools, and if you've already invested in the kombi attachments, it is relatively easy to add a cordless powerhead. Thanks, Paul


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