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  1. Hi Mark, doing well all things considered thanks mate. Yes a mate and I milled the boards from a dead oak that I dismantled, then felled for a BBC ‘songs of praise’ programme. (Funny enough the re-run was shown earlier today) not all my own work, it was a joint effort. Nice to be able to benefit from a tree I cut down and see it live on. Bit of sanding with 40 & 80 grit then finished with a coat of yacht varnish and some hammerite on the frame after the old paint was stripped off. The plaque came off the original bench and says. “Be still and know that I am God” psalm 46.10 Really love that table you posted recently. Got some big lumps of oak to mill soon here.
  2. Legs came off an old garden bench. The 2” plank came off the top of the stack so could have probably used a bit of weight on it to keep it straighter. Well happy with it, much nicer than the original.
  3. Hey Mark... What do think of Varadkar’s picnic, or Ian Blackford or the Labour people that have done similar things? They’ve managed to hang onto their jobs... no where near as much outrage over them, and in Varadkar’s case, he’s much more in the public eye.
  4. I can just imagine the conversation with our finance dept.... “We need a welfare van...” “What’s one of those?...” “It’s a van..” “What like a work van?” “Err, no not quite.. it’s a van that you sit down and rest in” “Oh I see.... so it’s like a van ‘not’ to work in..” “Errr.. yes kind of” “So how much is one of them then?” “Oh, I dunno, bout £30k brand new.... apparently HSE says we need them now” “ is that right!??....🤣[emoji23]🤣[emoji23]🤣[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣[emoji23]🤣...........
  5. Fantastic work Mark. [emoji106]
  6. Genuine question for those that think that Dominic should be sacked...... Do you feel as strongly about the Irish PM Leo Varadkar joining a group of friends in a park for a picnic? The way I see it... One guy made a judgement call concerning his families wellbeing,(If that was the case) The other guy set a very visible example for no other reason than wanting to enjoy some leisure time. I think Varadkar deserves much stronger criticism, nothing to do with politics.
  7. Interesting thing about this graph is that it has ‘forgotten’ to include China, the very country that spawned the pandemic.....
  8. Indeed, it never ceases to amaze me how we instantly demand, justice, retribution and punishment for people’s misdeeds... particularly if they happen to be from across the other side of the political divide.. when it comes to ourselves, or one of our own we tend to be much more gracious....
  9. Done....Interesting topic, particularly in the light of recent developments in the industry.
  10. You should rename this thread.... In disparate times... my depravity saved the day.
  11. Smugglers make a killing off the backs of the misery of the migrants. Word gets around that there is a new cross-channel service available courtesy of an escort from the French authorities, who can blame them for making a bid to get here. As harsh as it is, I wonder how many lives have ultimately been saved by the Australian approach of turning boats back around? Word soon spreads not to bother....
  12. I used to work for a guy that made habitat piles out of broken asbestos sheets, car tyres and fridges...


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