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  1. My mate just gave me a t-shirt with Not for wagners or kuntz on it !! Can you explain ? Thanks Sam

    <p>Hi there </p>

    <p>just searching old threads and saw your truck. </p>

    <p>Been thinking of heading in this direction with perhaps a chip body that can be lifted on and off. Is yours a tipper by the way?</p>

    <p>Would you be up for a natter to pick your brains?</p>

    <p>Cheers Richard.</p>


  3. Hello there Mr.Timberwolf . I have noticed that the no stress doesnt quite kick in as quickly as my mates 2006,it drops the revs enough for me to think its not going stop then suddenly does ! Its second hand so not to sure of the history etc but its been looked after fairly well as far as i can see and am fairly handy with most machinery but not sure wether this is normal or a sensor worn or is just how it should be on a 2004 machine ? any ides be great thanks. Sam
  4. Anyone hear of any going ? Timberwolf or Jensen will do and under 10 k please , thanks Sam
  5. Ok so can anyone let me know of a recent paid price ? Thanks
  6. Hi anyone of timber drivers who do truck loads in gloucester area ? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have about 5 tin of nice western red on my lorry ranging from 24"-12" A mate wants to buy it and for me to drop off at a saw mill a few miles away, what's the going rate for delivered per ton or cm3 . Thanks Sam

    <p>hi, very interested if its not too late ?</p>




  9. Yeah truck is hgv but registered dual purpose so cheap tax an no operator license or mot !!
  10. I wouldn't bother with a rear mounted crane as unless you are towng you won't get much on, and that DAF won't wanna tow much hey, here's a few of my mine and i get away with overhang if needed:-)


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