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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know any hauliers/ forwarders in the Lincolnshire area? Please PM details if you do. Thanks. Jack
  2. I am based in Farndon in Newark


    1. matthew65


      I was after the ash, my phone number is 07973211755.

  3. Hi, Replied to you all via PM. Thanks. J
  4. Hi all, I haven't used this website for some time. Hope your all well! We have a surplus of Ash and Larch cordwood for sale. The larch has been felled for about 2-3 years now (circa 50 tonne), Ash about 3 years (circa 200 tonne), and has been stored in our yard drying ready for processing. We are looking to reduce some of our stock as the land is needed for other reasons. We have contacts for haulage if anybody is interested. Please PM for prices / phone number. Jack

    <p>Hi I am looking for cordwood at the moment, please get in touch on 07973561962</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>regards Stuart</p>



    <p>hi, very interested if its not too late ?</p>




  7. Hi all, We are just about to harvest a large amount of ash from around the cambridge area. Clean, straight ash. 3m lengths, no massive butt sizes. looking to deliver locally, 26tonne @ a time. Price £55/tonne plus a small delivery charge. If your interested, please PM me with a phone number and ill get back to you. Thanks,
  8. JJ1


    Alright Guys, I was wondering what you all do with the sawdust left from processing? We have stacks of clean/ dry sawdust with must have some use. What do you all do with yours? Cheers
  9. cheers, does the cord roll well on plastic pipe over the scaffold? I've never thought if that idea
  10. have you got any pics you could share?
  11. I thought they looked a bit weak in structure. My alternative is to build a scaffold deck (i have plenty of scaffold) and attach some boat keel rollers.
  12. Hi all, Has any got anything like the link below? Looking at it, would you say its strong enough to roll cord on? Roller table | eBay cheers
  13. JJ1

    Reversing Cameras?

    has any one got a wireless one? easy install?


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