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  1. Thanks. The compression seems ok so I'll take your advice and bin the fuel. Tim
  2. It did start ok but cut out as soon as I put it down. Hadn't been running very long. Tim
  3. htb Ahh, good point. It has been lying around for quite awhile. Does it have the same effect as leaving it in the chainsaw? Tim
  4. Looking for some advice regarding my chainsaw. I tried to cut up some firewoid the other day. The chainsaw started and worked fine until I put it down. It then cut out and wouldn't restart. I tried it again today and the same thing happened. It is an old Stihl 017. It has been serviced and I always run it dry before I put it away. I use it for firewood and coppicing so it hasn't been used for awhile. Any ideas? Cheers Tim
  5. I have a euc in the back garden that needs regular pruning. Have been taking down some reasonable size branches over the last few years and have found that they burn well, once seasoned, in the woodburners. The twigs and leaves make great kindling once dry as the leaves seem to retain some oil, and light really easily. As long as you can split it when green I'd been well chuffed with a free load.
  6. Great to see the photos of the horses working. I'm interested in horse logging and would love to have the opportunity to see them in action. If you're back in Cornwall sometime it would be great to have a look, and maybe lend a hand with anything that needed clearing up etc. I'd bring the pasties and maybe even scones, cream and jam:001_smile:
  7. Glad things have lightened up on this thread. Started reading it this morning and was amazed at the range of topics covered and the passion. I'm not in the industry so can't really comment on that side of things. All I know is that I was rushing this summer cutting firewood( nearly tea time, dogs needed walking, kids wanted to do something, you know the sort of thing), went to roll a piece of trunk into a better position to cut it and managed to trap a finger. Fractured the end of the finger into three pieces.: What a numpty I hear you all cry and you'd be right of course. Anyway that was me stuffed for more than four weeks. Luckily I'm not self employed and was on holiday but it's certainly made me realise what a hazardous job simply being on the ground around wood is, let alone climbing. I for one will not be "rushing" to do that again. So however you work, fast or at a more measured pace just stay safe, guys.
  8. Hi I'm new to the site and was wondering whether there was anyone out there who would like a hand managing woodland in North Cornwall. I'm a part time primary teacher with an interest in trees, conservation and generally being outside (the ideal tonic to teaching). I have a chainsaw licence, some experience of helping with clearing etc and a bit of hedgelaying experience. I would like the chance to learn a bit more about coppicing, woodland management etc. Cheers.


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