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  1. At that point the base was at Westminster Cathedral and the cross was at Parliament Square so all I had was me - to be fair bashing it with a lump of wood wouldn't have looked great. The issue was putting it together in the rain, dark and on a set of steps! It is all back together again in the office so works great!
  2. Worked perfectly! The rain caused some issues with fitting together and taking apart but only added a couple of seconds to the job - a particular low point was when I realised I didn't have a hammer or similar so punched the bolt in with my fist. About 30 people witnessed me punch a crucifix FFS! 🤣 Everyone was well impressed with it and yes they did mention the weight but the hole at the bottom for the base actually made a great handhold for a second person to take some of the load - obviously that was your plan! Thanks again mate!
  3. Top work on the cross matey! it was suitably heavy for their 'penance' and bloody soaking for the event as it was outside all day! The guys in robes are Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and were an 'Honour Guard' for the cross all evening and it had a least one of them with it at all times - I'm not sure why as no one was going to be running off with it!
  4. Hi all, This may be a strange one (and maybe in the wrong forum) A colleague of mine in Scotland is thinking of having a large crucifix made for her events about Persecution of Christians in the Middle East etc. and I am hoping that some one could come up with an plan and obviously a quote. I've attached the kind of thing she wants (the material doesn't need to be carved) so it is not a very intricate job but hopefully it is possible to be not too heavy as its for show NOT for suffering! She would also love to have something that can be easily dismantled into smaller pieces and I am thinking of something like a pool cue that unscrews to maybe break down into 4 pieces. Anyone up for this? Message me for more details
  5. One of my ex employees called her line manager to say that she couldn't come in as her car had broken down. A reasonable excuse to her manager until I pointed out the window and showed her the staff member's house...
  6. :confused1:Where's the how to build one guide? 3 pages in and no guide? Now I have to ask for one thereby showing my uselessness
  7. Is it just me that licked my lips at this? I would fill my house with meat and antlers (for walking stick handles)
  8. It split nicely even by hand when green. Just came home to a pile of willow in my front garden left by a mate - hopefully it will wait a while for splitting as I've fractured my wrist!
  9. :001_smile:I love the exercise of splitting by hand but always jealous when I hear about log splitters


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