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  1. where can i get these from please? Need to be shipped to NZ. thanks
  2. Also some of the best climbers and most professional people in the industry i have met in New Zealand. If you go to the right company the standard of work will be extremely high.
  3. As MOG said bro get working holiday while in UK means you wont have to get medical etc. Just need to either have a return ticket/ a ticket out the country (could just be to oz) so they know you leaving at some point. I been here 5 years now and have gone through the whole process from where you are to residence so if you want more info hit me up. We currently looking for experienced climbers and crew leaders. Will Pm you.
  4. cheers for that. towards end of last week ditched the hand accender but after half day hands were over haha. So think i will chop and change from now.
  5. There is a large shortage of climbers here in NZ especially auckland region. Easiest way is as paul said. Apply for a working holiday but do it while your in england because if you apply once in the country you will have to get medical etc and it pretty pricey. Can work a year on that and then get an extension of another year or go down a different route. If you qualified and have experience than send your cv through and we take a look. Check Tree King on facebook if you would like a bit more info etc.
  6. <img src="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=427876787273986&set=pb.173458066049194.-2207520000.1364060121&type=3&theater" alt="photo.php?fbid=427876787273986&set=pb.173458066049194.-2207520000.1364060121&type=3&theater" />

  7. what does everyone use for short accents? By this i mean when you can get a foot on the tree and dont want to clip in your full SRT setup. (footloop etc). i been using just a single handed KONG accender and my pantin. been working real well. Found it nice and quick to un clip and dosnt clog up ya harness with bulk. Found the best chest rig to be bicycle rim tape with small carabiner. It real light (unlike inner tube) and it stretches far without breaking which makes cliping on real easy. Been using 6mm ropewith hosepipe for footloop. the whole system pretty much fits in my pocket so is easily stored on harness when not in use. After using solidly for the last three months i have to say i dont know wat i would do now without the uni. I found less stress on the body and efficiency has improved due to this. For removals i feel the unicender is untouchable for speed especially when required to ascend and deccend regually (norfolk island pines, lombardy poplars etc..) I have found it also easier to just hold the uni up by gripping on a carabiner (that i leave connected to top ring) when shortening my line and coming back along a limb instead of clipping into chest harness. Found a heavier steal option to be better for some reason. Anything else anyone has come up with be good to know? Will share anything else i come up with.


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