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  1. Hi Everybody, Just wondering if anyone has any contacts on mainland europe that may need a climber/team member? Ive just returned from New Zealand and have a summer to kill befor I head to Australia. Currently in Vienna, Austria and really could do with gettin some work, willing to go anywhere!! I have HND arb and urban forestry, 3 years industry experience, PPE and basic climb kit with me. Full clean uk/euro driving license and can graft... any offers or leads much apprieciated!!!
  2. might be of interest to any/everyone. so, lymes disease the one with the red bullseye rash that ticks carry, most will be familliar with, borelliosis is basically another name for it, which i was dignosed with a cpl years back, resulted in me being admitted to hospital for 3 weeks with suspected menegitis, later confimered as boreliosis. i was fortunate and was in austria at the time where people are pretty familiar with these things, there is also a high rate of another disease carried by ticks there which i had been imunised against. anyways, while i was in austria i never found a tick on me and i have only ever had 3 in my life, all of which were after one night in scotland about a year befor i got sick and i never developed the tell tale bulls eye rash. i had read that the bacteria can lie dormant so to speak for some time and left it at that. recently tho, i was reading something about it in new zealand, where lymes disease is apparantly almost denyed, seeing as the carring ticks do not occur in new zealand, theres some cases of the same in aus too. long story short, someone elses research said that the disease can be found in bird poops too. this would make sense seein as the environment we work in. so if your face ever goes paralysed (bells paulsy), you have a head ache for a week, wake in the night with pain in ur neck so bad you cant sleep the rest through, develop arthiritis in your elbows and wrists and havent had a rash from a tick bite, you may have boreliosis from a bird doo doo. oh and it cleared up after the r and r in the hospital.
  3. https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=tree+circus&newwindow=1&safe=off&client=firefox-a&hs=txv&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&channel=sb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=lBd3U7W4BoOBkQW89ICYDQ&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=1525&bih=707&dpr=0.9 pretty sure they're not so naturally occuring examples, but its some work!
  4. sponsored or t-total? thats some money your throwin on kit man!
  5. clean your kit, new boots and trousers if you can afford it. also worth it on account of the stupid price of stuff over here. 180 quid boots, 800 dollars here when the immigration dude saw me with brand spanka boots and trousers didnt even look over the rest of my kit dont bother taking ropes, unless your super fussy, employer should provide, i've swapped crews twice and got all that i wanted from both set ups. check Buy online and sell with NZ's #1 auction & classifieds site | Trade Me for jobs search under aborist. if your heading to south island, brush up on your german if your after picking up the chickas.
  6. was pruning an elm today, cant be specific i'm afriad but while i was noseing about a few sources of slim flux i noticed small wormie things, maybe 3 - 5 mm long and moved rather like a leech. they pretty much look like what comes up when you google nematode. can anyone shed any light?
  7. only used it for access line, goes as good as any other rope really, fairly static, nice to tie and work with.
  8. the little vermeer ride on track skiders are the nuts! one on site with just the log grab can get tonnes done. obviously site dependant
  9. is that on the books, 60 take home or taxes to come off as well? i dragged a lot of very heavy brash ( read stems ) through grave yards for a lot less than that to get a start. leave him be.
  10. just wondering what insurance people have taken out for going on working holidays, i assume that if i'm employed the gaffas insurance will cover me for work accidents, i just need something that will save my mom a few quid on shipping bits of me home in the worst case scenario... can anyone suggest otherwise?
  11. now a brown H/C set up i would be interested in
  12. lol in Vienna they just call them auslanders
  13. good good good, frankie i'm in auckland as of around 20th sept, best find us a gasthaus and a get a schnitzly-boy on the go! once again tho i'm after some advice.... what kit to bring? i'm guessin gadgets and wizzardry i should bring, but what about helmet/pants/boots/harness? iill be looking to dodge big firms but are smaller firms as likely to provide ppe if i dont have my own with? is it the sort of thing that can make any differnce to getting some work? how strict are they at the airport, my pants and boots aint exactly new....
  14. thankyou guys, no offence taken anywhere. and to set minds safe, its not me thats playing,its for a friend, he's installing a self made jobby in the play room for his new bairns.


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