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  1. Just a quick note to wish all arbtalk members, administrators and our customers a very merry christmas and a prosperous 2013. From the Arb Team @ Trust Insurance
  2. Sorry that is changing the question as you are not classing the climber as a BFSC. If you are hiring the climber in as a LOSC then you would be required to have employers liability as he/she is an employee for the day. They would also be classed as an employee for the day if they are under you direction and control!
  3. Hi Sloth. In the example you give, you would not require, nor be able to obtain, employers liability insurance for the sub-contractor as they are working under their own direction and control, with thier own tools. However, to be a bona fide sub-contractor, they would have their own insurance in force. The insurance responsability for the work they are doing would lie with them, however as the main conctractor you should ensure that they have relevant insurance (public liability) in force, in their name. If the sub-contractor also has employees or labour only subcontractors themselves, you should also ensure that they have employers liability insurance too. As you would be declared as the main contractor, any 3rd party property damage or injury claim, would be directed to you/your insurer and the claim made against you initially. Your insurer would then pursue the insurers of the bona fide sub-contractor's to settle the claim. If you are insured with us, and if for any reason the bona fide sub-contractor's policy did not indemnify (cover) a loss fully, we would provide the shortfall in indemnity, subject to you being able to provide proof that you had obtained a copy of the contractors insurance documents prior to the appointment. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us. Trust Insurance
  4. Thank you Roseyweb for the positive feedback.. It's good to hear that our policies deliver.
  5. Kevin –Thank you for your post and raising this item. Our specialist professional indemnity insurance for Arborists, Tree Surgeons and Forestry Contractors carries an endorsement that removes a number of the previous exclusions found under ‘Exclusion 20’. Enabling this cover doesn’t require a completion of a questionnaire and is automatically included. The amended exclusion 20 has a change in name and removal of items concerning fungal etc. The amendment reads as follows: 20. Asbestos arising directly or indirectly out of or resulting from or in consequence of or in any way involving asbestos or any materials containing asbestos in whatever form or quantity. A copy of the endorsement is available on request by calling or emailing us.
  6. Hi likeitorlumpit... we are always interested to here new ideas about the covers that do and dont work well for you... apart form the tools cover issue above is there anything else that prevents you buying a particular coverage or something that youve always thought should be covered that isnt?
  7. ...Remember when buying a new chipper or shredder from Timberwolf to make sure that your tools, plant and engineering insurance covers 'new for old' replacement for items under 5 years old.
  8. TrustInsurance

    APF Show 2012

    Trust Insurance is getting ready for this years APF.
  9. TrustInsurance

    APF Show 2010

    Trust Insurance attends the APF show to talk insurance, arboriculture and forestry. Its a great time to meet some friends, existing & new clients. We are able to provide quotations, provide advice and recomendations....
  10. Ford once supplied the government with a one off high security vehicle worth over £1million. The vehicle was damaged and unrepairable... The government was insured and the insurers at the time called in the bosses from Ford and arranged for them to replace the vehicle as a good will gesture...Ford obliged. ...its worth insuring against any unfortunate outcome that you cant afford to pay yourself... we recomend to our customers to think about the risks that could put you out of business for any period of time... - injury or damage to a member of the public or their property - injury to a member of staff - injury to yourself resulting in you not being able to work - loss/theft or damage to tools and equipment or tools/equipment you hire - theft of tools and equipment whilst kept at home - loss/damage to your vehicle/s and any damage/injury caused to a 3rd party
  11. TrustInsurance

    APF 2014

    Getting ready for this years Arb show: 18/-20 SEPTEMBER COME AND SEE US ON STAND C1 WITH A CHANCE TO WIN AN IPAD!!! http://www.apfexhibition.co.uk/


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