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  1. Try vitis cognetiae. Used to grow in through my first floor windows
  2. Its very hard to say without literally doing it. Essentially its probably the value of the kit and a bit of good will which would arbitrarily be based on turnover. If I was starting up over again I would buy a business, take on the debt and hit the ground running. I was surprised when a local guy to me sold up a good business and had no takers.
  3. It's Friday, has to be done, provided I've thought to book in a ''Friday job''. Get grief when I dont
  4. Definitely affects our area. I got some chestnut trees of my own planted about 1/2 a mile from the boundary!!
  5. Somewhere between the two above imo. Too low and the root rock is too great and too high the stem doesn't learn strength. Depends a bit on the elasticity of the material used for the slings and whether you use 2 or 3 stakes. A bit of judgement is always required.
  6. arbmark

    2wd pick ups

    I'd go for the 4wd version. We run two. I wouldn't be without them but then devon isn't exactly flat. I use the 4wd low range every day
  7. Cotoneaster. Found a few in North devon hedges. Don't think it's native. Probably arrived in birdy poopoo
  8. I think you are doing the best you can and sound like you are matching diplomacy with integrity. Go easy on yourself eh! In a couple of weeks youll be able to look back and chuckle
  9. Great use of space. There's enough space for the German Shepherd it needs too
  10. Defo. Big ones can be really impressive
  11. Defo conny 4. Send it back!!
  12. In a nutty shell that's how I had it. But some species carry on with second and third broods. I think that is what gary was talking about
  13. I gotta hunch you're right. Something of an expert you sound Steve. You don't.......?!


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