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  1. <p>Hi, I'm a female woodland worker, looks like the ladies group is inactive so was just wanting to hook up with other ladies out there</p>

  2. It's more like 24 weeks and even then the sound is muffled by the amniotic fluid so I'd mainly worry about prolonged exposure to chainsaw noise after 20 weeks. My best advice would be to look on websites designed primarily for pregnancy and make an informed choice through doctors. Congratulations by the way! Wish you, bumpy and father all the best
  3. There are a lot of cherries in Ashington and surrounding areas that have been affected too. Trees have had a hammering this year a lot of horse chestnuts look like they have bleeding canker and the oaks have powdery mildew. There has also been a lot of cypress aphid causing browning of conifers in peoples gardens Is this the same in other places?? A lot of ill and dying trees?
  4. Got a mate who uses the art2 swivel one (4lanyard) says they're really good, no restriction on movement or sudden jerking you can get with other systems.
  5. Finishing off a leylandii hedge tomorrow, owner wants it reduced to 7ft (by almost half) as they want more light in their garden. All I did was explained the consequences and explained it wouldn't look perfect - especially not from the upstairs windows. Just leaving a lot of side foliage where possible to hide the ugly interior of the hedge. A lot more light in their garden now.
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    Thanks, that's the one! It's been doing my head in for ages. Cheers
  7. arborcuro


    At the 3ATC climbing comp at Cragside I was shown a climbing system using a schwäbisch, pulley, karabiners and a stein strop. It was set up so it was self tending and you could move the hitch closer for branch walks etc or further away for ascending quickly. Thought it was a great system but I can't remember what it was called Not a great description but does anyone have any ideas??
  8. Hi Hannah, how do you join this group? Would be nice to meet some arb ladies, only know one atm :D


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