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  1. You can work out the cross sectional area of the stump using pi*radius squared. But you will need an idea of the height of the trees in order to work ou the timber volume. pi x radius squared x height will give an approximate volume. However this calculation is the volume of a cylinder and of course trees are never perfect cylinders.
  2. Been using stihl chain oil for a spell, any problem just topping up a combi can with a different brand as far as the saw is concerned? Cheers
  3. Just had the wooden insert in a high lift wedge split a fair bit. Its still useable for now but I'll want to replace it eventually. Its well jammed into the metal section. what's the best way if any to part them? Cheers
  4. anyone aware of a source of clutch removal tools for taking off husqvarna clutch weights. I've seen a few homemade ones but other than that its flat screwdriver and a hammer job. Im clumsy as owt so can see myself knackering the clutch drum through heavy handedness thanks again
  5. Really daft question on the way but hopefully you'll bear with me. It's regarding the use of a bog standard plastic grease gun for greasing clutch bearing/bar nose sprocket. I pulled off the external cap and removed the little plunger cap from inside, pushed the nose in, filled it with grease, put the plunger back in, cap back on. But no joy when I try to use it apart from me being slow, any suggestions?
  6. Hi Andy,


    It's usually a standard fee of £20 for any amount. However I would have to check what the cost would e to Aberdeen as it's a bit further then usual.


    Will check when I'm back in the office on monday.


    Regarding retuning, you will probably not need to make any adjustments. If you do then you will need to richen it up by a little bit on the low speed.




  7. I think I've sent you a PM
  8. Hiya, Thanks for the link for finding aspen dealers. Im up in aberdeen so huntly is probably my closest but its still an hour or so away. Just out of interest what would the postage be for 3x 5l cans? I could get the same guys up in huntly to tune the saw if it needed it however it'll need to be run in first. I suppose ill just need two seperate excuses to go to huntly!



  9. Thanks alot for all the speedy responses! I reckon my mind is made up now. Perhaps its a little bit cheeky to ask, but are the good people at aspen still offering reduced carriage rates to first time buyers? I think i remember reading about someone who said running aspen made their exhaust fumes smell like a chippy. Thats a big part of my motivation
  10. Hiya This is my first post on the forum despite having been reading the forum for a good while. anyhow, I've just got a new 357 and I was considering running it on aspen. Its had a splash of regular fuel in it when it was being tested by the dealer but no more than that. Is it easy enough to make the change or will the saw need tuned differently? Thanks alot andy


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