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    <p>hey mate! I am sub cilmber here in sydney. I am thinking in travelling around oz some stage and I will be interested in getting hold with you to do some work. Lets get in touch. Which place are you based in?</p>



  2. Hi there! I will be in spain next week and after portugal and wondering if there are any climbers interested to get in contact. I will be interested in doing some work if its possible. PLease send me PM or email ursorox@gmail.com it will be nice to meet up. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, just wondering whats the best work insurance that works internationally independent where you are? I would like to know! I ve been looking for a few but I havent found one decent yet! cheers
  4. I am in Brooklyn at the moment, moving to a flat in the Village close to Washington square. If its worth to go I can give a shot
  5. hey... yeah... I will meet up with russel soon..and I ve met padilla already. All sorted!Do you think is worth to go to Long Island for a few days for some work? Cheers
  6. I had a look and I couldnt find anything about this job for Davey tree expert
  7. Hi! I am a New Zealand Climber over 6 years experience looking for contract climbing in New York City or surround. PLease contact me on ursorox@gmail.com Cheers Tiago Miranda tiagomirandatreeclimber +13472799299
  8. hey I am coming to travel and work if I find some. Arriving in Lisbon and maybe staying in a friends house, not sure. I have family up north in Chaves that I have never met before. Are you originally from Portugal? I could meet up with you if you interested in having an arborist/climber for short time. Cool.
  9. You guys need to travel more... there is heaps of stuff going on over there. I know good workers around south america like argentina, colombia, chile and brasil. I am from Brasil and working in New Zealand at the moment. I will be back home soon for a few months. Good people and not much danger if you know where you go, specially when you speak the language. Arboriculture is developing slowly, but it will get there eventually.
  10. Is anyone here from Portugal doing some tree work ? Good to know. I am heading up on june. More than happy to get contacts. cheers
  11. ursorox

    Poplar Removals

    good vid bru! cheers
  12. Thats sounds awesome! I am pretty keen but still have commitments here in NZ! Hope you have a good one
  13. I work for Treescape wellington is being 2 years. They have different branches everywhere. Big company with money to buy you good gear. The crew here in wellies is pretty sweet. All good workers at the moment and good boss as well. Its a big variety of jobs. I am the foreman for the resi crew... one day you do normal resi work (reduction, thinning, trimming, dragging), next day you taking down big pines with digger and big chipper.. next day you are rigging a big tree or just felling. Good fun over here. But remember, its always depends what skills you have and which crew you are in. There is always vacancy here in wellies.


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