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  1. Pollarding a tree in leaf.

    Seeing as pollarding was traditionally done in the height of summer to provide fodder for animals, it's not going to be a problem at all pollarding now. Yes sap is rising but there will still be plenty of energy reserves to cope with it. Although being poplar, in between two buildings, would it not be better to fell, grind and replant with something more appropriate? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  2. Buying a new chipper. Advice please

    Tw every time out of the two, used the green mech on hire, not sure of the model and the chip quality was awful, even though it had new blades on, rollers wouldn't take very small twigs in easily and the brash got whipped around making it not very nice to be feeding it in whereas the Tw 150 we have puts out a good quality chip and would outperform that green mech any day even though the green mech would chip bigger. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  3. Unusual or Off the Wall Tree Work

    While you left me ripping out and chipping 110m of old hawthorn hedge..... Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  4. Sorry about previous post, accidentally pressed some keys without realising. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  5. O Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  6. US Equipment Import

    Be wary of buying from the us. Recently got myself a 365xtorq which after delivery on paper was still 50quid cheaper than anywhere else in the uk, but then got hit with £125 customs charges do ended up being more expensive, but a lesson learnt, however, brilliant saw so cant complain too much. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App
  7. World cup cricket

    not watched too much of the world cup, but a big cricket fan, seems like England are up to their old tricks and being inconsistent, but just about effective. Missed most of the match but how come Lonwabo Tsotsube wasn't in the South Africa team?
  8. Work Experience Wanted

    thanks. That's true but the experience for me is what is the key thing, any money would be an added bonus but its better to be paid because someone thought I was worth something.
  9. Work Experience Wanted

    Yeah I'm definately enjoying it. It is something I have considered, but money may a bit of a problem for outside of UK I would have thought. Although afterwards would be nice to. But to be honest, I would definately seriously consider if the opportunity came up.
  10. Work Experience Wanted

    Just got back to college and those dates are wrong, I meant to put 7th Feb till the 4th March, but cant work out how to edit my post again.
  11. Work Experience Wanted

    Hi all, I'm currently at college in my second year of the L3 ND Arboriculture course and am looking for work experience from the 31st Jan till the 25th Feb. I hold my CS30/31 but haven't had a chance to do my 38/39 (want to get more climbing practice before that). I'm based near Dumfries but am from Bungay, Suffolk so can easily do anything from either of those two areas. However I would travel nearly anywhere for the experience, as long as I can find myself somewhere to sleep I will be happy! Cheers, Andrew


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