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  1. I like that idea thanks for posting!
  2. Thanks for the reply's guys, like the idea of the landy chip catcher, looks like you will be able to fill it right up.
  3. Hi Everyone Recently put decent alloy sides on the truck, isuzu nkr. Looking to make a chip catcher at the front, just wondering what designs people did? Any pics would be amazing! Thanks in advance!
  4. Very hard where I am as I am on an island. Lost a fair amount of work from being VAT registered this year. But still got enough work on. The plus side is I have been looked at more seriously now as a bigger company!!
  5. Hi Just wondering if you could tell me what Bearings/bushes there are meant to be on the timber wolf 190 2004 non turbo. I am guessing two smaller sized bearings on the opposite side to the motor, and one large bearing on the bottom roller on the motor side? Just about to take it all apart and would like to order parts in Thankyou
  6. Thanks for reply, Do you have a timberwolf dealer on the Isle Of Man?
  7. hi, I was just reading about adjusting the blowoff valve for the feed rollers on my chipper. Is it something that can but done by my self or do you need special tools? Thanks
  8. Hi Just wondering if any one can help, my chipper has done about 1000 hours now and was wondering when the roller springs need changing as the rollers dont seem to be snapping the branches as well as they used to? Thanks
  9. Right great, i have been doing mine every few weeks, just wanted to see what you all did, thanks for the replys Joe
  10. Hi I have a TB 190 just wondering how often people tend to grease the rollers? cant seem to find anything in the manuel thats says how often and how much to put in? Any help would be great Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone for replies. There is a breather in the cap on the reservoir. The tank is exactly the same size as the one i replaced? i have been lifting and lowering the deck to try push the air out, should i refill the tank when the ram is right down?
  12. Hi, I dont think so, when i lift the bed up, the ram wont go all the way up because there isnt enough oil, so when i fill it a little more it overflows. Thats why i assume there is air?? Thanks for your reply
  13. Hi everyone, I have recently replaced the hydraulic pump and reservoir on my truck tipper. When i let the tipper down the oil foams out of the air breather on the reservoir, I assume there is air in the system? does anyone know how i go about bleeding the sytem?? Any help would be great? Thanks Joe
  14. hi, i just bought a new chipper and wondered if any one had a manual for it? i just wanted to know were the grease niples are and how often the blades need shaperening. any help would be great thanks


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