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  1. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some instructions for how to splice Yale Hedera 110, which I believe is the same construction as Kernmaster. Thanks in advance! Ben
  2. Myerscough alternatives?

    Can I ask you in what ways you think it is a shambles? I'm curious as I'm due to start the same course on the 15th of this month. Thanks Ben
  3. Feel free to add me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UncleRice) so I can create a Fb group for our course. Ben
  4. Anyone received any more info since being accepted on the course? I'm a bit surprised they haven't given us a reading list or anything yet. Isn't long before it starts!
  5. Leaf disorders

  6. Leaf disorders

    Evening, The other day while taking down a mature Copper Beech tree I noticed some of the leaves had a disorder which I couldn't place. I couldn't find it in the books I have (It may be my poor book skills) so thought I would turn to Arbtalk for the answer. Thanks for your help Ben

    Thanks very much guys. The Hatfield one is only about 60 miles from me.

    Hello, I was wondering if the seminar by Mattheck would be taking place in England at some point? Or is it just in Edinburgh? Thanks very much Ben
  9. Hi guys, Today I got confirmation of my place on Myerscough's online foundation degree course! Cant wait to get started in September. Got a lot of reading to get done in the meantime. I thought I would create this thread to find others who are going to undertake the course. Ben
  10. Instagram?

    Some amazing photos there guys!
  11. Instagram?

    Evening all! Having just signed up myself, I was wondering if any of you guys were on Instagram? If so feel free to follow me 'badassarborist'. Post your names below! Cheers Ben
  12. Throw line and throw weights and techniques

    Can anyone provide a link to the between the legs throwing method? I'm terrible at throwing! Either ends up tangled around a low branch or behind me
  13. Husky 560xp or Stihl 341

    I have a 560xp. Bloody blazing saw. Very high acceleration. A lot of grunt. And also I love how it is always ready to start (The off button always springs back to 'on' when stopped)!
  14. Most Basic Set up Access only

    What in tree work is good for you?


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