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  1. Did you ever get this sorted? Ha!! Believe it or not the log is still there. Luckily my client is very patient. I had 3 people say that they would do it . Two of them were complete time wasters sadly. The third was unable to help due to his mill not cutting straight, but has done all he can to get it going.... I have ordered a panther mill to do it myself but that was weeks ago.... Are you able to help? I’d rather it done with a Lucas to be honest.
  2. Hi Alec, Near Attleborough. Ive sent you a message. Thanks everyone else for your Suggestions. I use Tim Barber for milling and can highly recommend, but sadly this stem needs bigger equipment for what I want from it.
  3. Cheers Steve. Ill give him a shout.
  4. Are there any Norfolk / Suffolk based members with a Lucas mill with a slabbing attachment or very large Chainsaw Mill ( 78 inch plus) ? I have a large Sequoia stem that i need to mill in situ as soon as possible. I will help with crew and an Avant loader etc. Please message me on here, or call 07805953088.
  5. Evening all. Treecreeper Arboriculture are Looking for regular a Groundsman/Climber to help out on a sub contracting basis. Days to be negotiated. Small friendly team with nice work around Norfolk Suffolk Cambs etc. Experience, tickets, good work ethic and good communication essential requirements. Pay dependent upon experience and is negotiable. Mainly Domestic works and light commercial works. Yard Near Thetford, Norfolk. Please ring Tom on 07805 953088. Treecreeper Arboriculture.
  6. Good Evening All. I have 3 or 4 good loads of Lime rings and lengths that I need to get rid of in the next couple of weeks. Ideally as close to Kelvedon as possible. The Trees were dead standing, and have been cut and stacked since March. Any help muchly appreciated, and am willing to pay if neccesary. Thanks in advance. Tom. 07805953088 or message me on here. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts all....Its no biggy really, just curious as to others experiences and thoughts...Luckily most of my clients are loyal(so far...). Interestingly these particular clients felt that the letter was intrusive and an inappropriate way to attempt to get work,so it backfired anyway. I like your way of thinking Mark...cheers!
  8. Evening all.I went to do a days work for an established and trusted client today.A nice days maintenance work on some great trees, in beautiful sunshine.The work required was in a conservation area and i had acted as an agent for my client and had received full consent for all works.My client produced a letter from another recently arrived local company,the first paragraph of which was the following.."We have noted that you recently applied for planning to xxxxxxxxx Council in order to work on your trees.xxx would like the opportunity to put in a free quotation on this." My client is happy with us as their regular Arborists, and decided to ignore the offer.I understand that the information with regards to my notifications to the LA is freely available on their website, but personally feel that this is a slightly underhand way of getting quotes, i.e trawling the local LAs lists of applications/notifications for Tree Work, particularly when it is clear that another Arb firm has been asked to be/paid to be an agent. I'm interested to know what others think of this method of attracting business. I know its a cutthroat game, and am fully aware that business can be mean,and that in the scale of human unpleasantness this isn't much to worry about. What are your thoughts please gentlemen?
  9. Self Employed Groundsman or occasional climber wanted for regular days based in Norfolk. Small, Friendly Domestic company with nice work variety. Please call Tom on 07805 953088 for an informal discussion. Pay dependent on work ethic/experience.
  10. Evening all..looking for a potential tip site for woodchip(leylandii and pin) near Ixworth in early November. Happy to pay. If anyone can help, let me know.Thanks in anticipation.
  11. I think some of your beard got stuck in the bar after your lunchtime gin and tonics.
  12. is there any evidence of fungi..took a spruce down last week with a few insignificant pholliota squarossa fruiting bodies around it and its interior looked exactly like this..sounding hammer had revealed a slightly different tone to the two closely located trees of the same species ...just speculating,but possible.

    <p>Hi, think I may have spoken to you in the past.</p>

    <p>Anyways I'm Michael 32, climbing nearly five years. Self employed freelancer, 30 31 38 39 40 mewp first aid. Loads of rigging and reductions. Looking for odd days etc near my home town of Thetford. </p>

    <p>Written or verbal references are available from current and past employers. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Michael 07553106474</p>


  14. Groundy or Novice climber required for occasional days Near Thetford,Norfolk. Small firm with growing workload looking for reliable,hardworking enthusiastic person to help out.Interesting and varied domestic work,with our main aim being to provide quality tree care.Wages based on experience and work ethic. Basic tickets required. Message me on here,or all Tom on 07805953088. Email. [email protected] Thanks.


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