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  1. Hello, can anyone near Worcester plane + thickness me some Oak boards, about 10 off, L~2.5m x W~300mm x t~25mm. (I originally posted this in the craft section, but hope for some leads here as I need to find a solution soon) Thanks, Tom
  2. Board Planing Help - Worcester

    Thanks for the replies, I don't have space to get a planer (much as I'd like to). What I need is some one to plane them for me, it's only a few boards... (FYI, the guy that normally planes boards for me just has a thicknesser which does the job very well)
  3. Hello, can anyone near Worcester plane + thickness me some Oak boards, about 10 off, L~2.5m x W~300mm x t~25mm. The chap that normally does it is away for a few weeks, and I need them done within that time. Rough price and tome scale, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  4. bowl turning thread

    Not posted in a while but I always enjoy seeing other's work, so here are some recent creations of mine- More detail here: (New pieces toward album end.) https://www.facebook.com/466495826726895/photos/?tab=album&album_id=467938433249301 https://www.facebook.com/466495826726895/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1124596694250135
  5. 75mm+ forstner bits

    Sorry didn't see this until today. Bit I used was a Dewalt 92mm diameter self feed cutter - with extension bar, bought via amazon. -read through the wine bottle rack thread - all discussed there.
  6. bowl turning thread

    Thanks, -it's all turned, apart from the square ends of course. -overhang's not too bad and it's quite symmetrical so no balance problems.
  7. bowl turning thread

    Some great plum... -more here:
  8. bowl turning thread

    Norway Maple, surely? - nice bit of wood either way
  9. bowl turning thread

    Some great turnery above, as ever. Awesome HF's Terry! -Steve what finish are you using on those recent bowls - looks flawless? A few contributions of my own from over the Christmas period - nice to be able to get in the Workshop... A Tiger Oak HF, Cherry rim bowl, and a Spalted Beech OG bowl.
  10. bowl turning thread

    Lots of good stuff being put up... I little contribution of my own. Small O-gee spalted Beech bowl. See more detail here: Happy turning
  11. Elm burrs turned green?

    Nice Burrs MattF, if you don't turn / rough turn them soonish, store them carefully, as they'll take many years to 'dry' as they are, and in that time you may find woodworm have moved in. Easiest thing to do is bag em up, or seal the cut face with some old paint and treat with woodworm killer. Also you should be able to get several pieces from each lump without any special coring tools. Though with a simple coring knife (big supported parting tool) you can cut cones, and although you don't need to be popeye for that, your lathes does need some grunt. Will be interested to see what you do.
  12. bowl turning thread

    Some nice shapes there Squirrel, which tools do you use to turn your bowls - that leave those 'pole lathe type' turning marks, which btw I think work well, or have you in fact turned that lot on a pole lathe with hook tools?
  13. Surprised that worked, I had to use a carbide bit on a drill press on my Cannon bars. Probably be ok with Oregon bars, but drilling through the centre of the sprocket nose might be difficult with a HSS bit, depends if the bearing centre is hardened and what it's made from. FYI carbide drills for metal cutting can be made from sharpened mason bits apparently, never tried it, but you do need a green grinding wheel...
  14. pto driven planer?

    -if you have single phase on site, consider using an inverter, google 'Drives Direct' - the cost of an inverter that will run off 240V 1∼ and output 415V 3∼ and run say a 10HP motor will probably be best value, + you have a load of additional functionality; like speed control, torque boost, soft start, also the running cost would probably be cheapest.
  15. Has anyone got some spare 3/4" chain... Actually I'm only really after the cutters, I use chainsaw teeth for a wood turning tool I use - sort of a big parting knife. -it currently has 2 .404 full chisel teeth side by side, it cuts well, does tend to clog in some woods. I'd like to make a similar tool with a singular larger tooth, which would hopefully clear better. I spoke to Clark Engineering - very helpful, but they only sell loops, quite reasonable - about £40 delivered for a 58 DL loop of 11H 3/4" - but I'd need to break down a new chain for the cutters, seems a little wasteful. So thought I'd ask on here...


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