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  1. Hopefully this link works but does anyone in here know who this guy is, massive diy splitter adapted from a hook loader. Looking to hire someone in to hire some one in to break down all our big butts for the processor.
  2. Hi all we have an empty flat bed truck coming back from inverness next weekend if anyone needs anything moving north to south PM me D
  3. I think hop up to the site and do another measure up thanks a million
  4. Hi all we have a weeks felling of big! Lapsed willow pollards along a river. we have budget to put a digger on the job to help with fishing some of the material out of the river should the need arise and handling/stacking the log on the bank but I can't find a machine bigger than 5 tone with a log grabto hire Will a five tone be man enough for it or am I wasting my time surely better then nowt right? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all, anyone heard seen or used one of these things? there's a video on their website, although I can't figure out how to covert Austrian to english:001_smile:
  6. :confused1:The second photo close up im fairly sure is a form of Sorbus, but the overall habit certainly looks a little odd hmm better go look that one up
  7. Maybe stobart biomass would be interested if they can arrange the felling and extracting:confused1:
  8. :thumbup: A most sensible comment each to their own
  9. So the story behind our stuff getting nicked was my boss and one of the lads went into to the job and met with the client walked around the garden for about 15 minutes to discuss the works, heard a van pull up outside and assumed it was the other team turning up, went up the steps out of the garden to find two eastern european chaps with two top handles and two ground saws and in the process of removing the third ground saw from the locker having just done the locks on it, My boss roared at them and they dropped the saws and one ran off chased after by one of our guys and the other my boss tried holding but this guys was a big ol lump and tried the whole what what i didnt do anything trick:mad1:Anyway then the bloke decides to pull a kitchen knife on my boss, who duly and sensibly let him go, 5 seconds later a white 55 plate renault kangoo van pulls up and the bloke jumps in and they drive off. Well I think this is really taking the p.... now not only have to contend with maggots stealing our gear but maggots that would pull a knife on someone for a few hundred quids worth of chainsaws:mad1:
  10. Hi All We have had a back Blower and a 395XP stolen from under our noses on two separate occasions in the last 2 months and today it got very worse came out of back garden to find two gentlemen walking across the road carrying our saws having done the locks on the canter. They dropped the saws and legged it but this is just one of a number of truck locker break in s in the last month around our area Bromley Beckenham, my advice keep your eyes open and take everything out of your lockers locked or not:sneaky2: Dermot
  11. Good morning All Anyone any contacts for hiring a pedestrian flail in the Kent area cheers
  12. Hi all We are after someone with climbing experience and a good work ethic to sub contract climb for us on a regular bases. anyone interested please PM me many thanks Dermot
  13. seconded that germinates really easily from seed too:001_smile:
  14. Hi All Anyone got experience of these as an arb truck? pros cons cheers Demot
  15. The trouble is there is an almost unwritten rule with protecting your stuff when dealing with these type of thieves as my friend found out recently. he had set shotgun cartridge traps and also tyre spikes all of these were activated and as well as stealing everything they also smashed the f..k out of windscreens slashed tyres on trucks and generally broke the place up.


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