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  1. So would you be able to cut a wider slab with a chainsaw over band saw? Silly question but is it just a case of once they are cut stack them somewhere dry and breezy to dry them out?
  2. Over the past 10 years all of the timber we have ended up with from tree surgery has gone for firewood. I've being wanting to have a go at milling for a long time but have never really had chance to have a go. I have a lot of oak beech & elm in 3-4 meter lengths just sat around doing nothing, I am wanting to have a go at making them into table tops etc. Am I best off getting an alaskan mill type jobby or just jumping in and buying a mobile band saw? I like the idea of the band saw as we have the space to use it and machinery to load it etc... Suggestions???? Advice???
  3. Will probably be used on flower beds on the grounds maintenance sites we manage
  4. Yeah something similar to this, ideally with a conveyor.
  5. Looking for a machine to recycle bits of timber with the odd nail in it, sweepings leaves twigs hedge clippings basically stuff that you would either pay to dispose or burn...stuff that you wouldn't really want to put in a chipper. Everything I have seen is the size of a wagon!
  6. What s useless thing, ties the vehicle up to only ever being able to do 1 job, too high to load by hand all day.
  7. Crazy way things are going in the world nowadays...the MD WILL be abusing it, sorry using it to track whereabouts of their own staff as well as subbies as he is well known to not trust anyone or let anyone do their job without micromanaging to the point nothing gets done. Same man insisted on sending 2 lads to rake weeds out of a 3500sqm piece of mowed grass, also knocking the top out of a line of beautiful magnolia trees as it would stop them growing any taller in the future! As it's still not ready to be rolled out to us numptys yet I suppose it's a case of cross that bridge if and when we come to it. This I do know if they want us to use it they can supply it to us and pay for it, right or wrong it's a matter of principle. Plenty more work out there if you're prepared to graft.
  8. Just not prepared to bend over to this one. especially when we will be sat in the van killing time for nothing.
  9. Do they do something similar? My experience with ground control wasn't inspiring.
  10. Who knows it seems to be in the pipeline, but as one of the top brass has warned there will be contractors who walk out and by the sounds of it good lads are hard to come by.
  11. I thought about tie wrapping it to the dog for the day, once they see it whizzing around we would probably get a pay rise.
  12. The area manager checks up on us to see what we're doing, we also ping pictures of before during & after over when we have finished. He is fine with us going when done as we bail him out when we have to work over. But due to other subbies doing half arsed jobs we all seem to be considered one idle by those at the top.
  13. I don't work for them, this is the difference.
  14. But it's up to us if we wanna get stuck in & not have dinner to get off site earlier, works still done it's not cost them anymore they get paid & so do we. Not into this whole go slow drag it out thing.
  15. We get paid for time on site, but more often than not we hammer the work out and often get done earlier. Sometimes get done earlier but we also sometimes work over to get it done so it's swings & roundabouts.
  16. If it came to it I wouldn't really want to walk out as it's good work if you ignore the politics...but on principle I wouldn't stay, if we were shit and tossed about doing nowt I would hold my hands up but we do genuinely work.
  17. We are half way through a 12 month contract so I suppose they could try write it into any new ones. This isn't set in stone yet just a roumer
  18. We have a portfolio of work we have done for them over the past 2 years & I get on really well with their area managers who both give glowing reports on what we are doing. Were not perfect but we do give them value for money. They do find it had to find good stubbies so I can't see them chopping us. But unfortunately the bloke at the top of the tree is clueless as to the challenges faced on site.
  19. Yes a argee, actions of a few spoil it for many. But if they are getting through the work you are giving them and it's done well and your not having to go back trying to justify why they have done a shit job as not to make you look bad then for me I would be happy. Firms should be assessed on their ability and if they are prepared to go the extra mile to keep the work flowing. All this spying on folk on the sly just rubs people up the wrong way and spoils working relationships.
  20. That's exactly it they have being pissed around by companies in the past but to tar everyone with the same brush just doesn't do it for me. Yeah I won't be working for them if this comes through.
  21. So you're happy signing up to a £40 a month phone contract for a company you bend over backwards for to see where you are in your own personal vehicle on and off site. To be able to collect and store information on where your equipment and vehicle is kept, we are paid to do a job which we do and do well. I understand there's good and bad stubbies ones you can and can't trust believe me I know. Difference is I retain the good ones and get rid of the bad ones...there is a word called TRUST.
  22. So basically we subcontract to a large company who shall remain nameless, the MD doesn't trust anyone so he is having an app designed to be installed in a tablet to which his employees will use in site to record their site inspections. The app will also record their whereabouts and time on & off site. They are pushing for contracts to buy an iPad which presumably will be on a contract around £40 per month "no chance" so we can photograph the work after we have done it and it will automatically be uploaded so the MD can see what we are doing! The iPad will also track our movements throughout the day! Does anyone know the privacy laws relating to this? There's no way I am having a firm we subcontract to spying on my whereabouts throughout the day. I want to get my ammunition ready before they try & push this rubbish on us.
  23. In the very early stages of buying some land that has being used as open air storage, i am going to contact the local council in the morning to see 1 what usage class the land has on it at the moment & 2 what usage class tree surgery / grounds maintenance storage depot would come under. Does anyone own / rent a yard with planing approved? and what business class does it fall under?
  24. Does anybody run a business specialising in mowing grass on steep inclines? There must be miles of mowing to be done on inaccessible bankings where its either unsafe or unproductive to mow by hand. Is there much call for it as a stand alone business?
  25. After looking for somewhere to buy for a long time I am now getting desperate for a new yard as new opportunities are on the horizon. Plenty of commercial units about but none with a yard in a realistic price bracket, what do other do for space when their business is growing?


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