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  1. Tree radar investigation on another well-known veteran oak (Diam. 1.8m) showed the roots extending to about 15m. (as it happens). Had one based an RPA on fifteen times the diameter it would have meant an RPA of radius 27 metres. Obviously fine roots extend well beyond where radar can pick them up, but in this case 27m would seem to be way in excess of what's necessary. Arbitrary rules, whether they state the RP radius is 12 x diam or 15 x diam are just that - arbitrary. As it says in the article: "More information is required to enable us to move away from an arbitrary calculation and towards an evidence-based approach, informed by individual circumstances. Only then can we determine how far roots of veteran trees grow, and how many roots can be damaged or lost before the tree deteriorates." Too true. All trees are different and each veteran is unique
  2. Electrictree

    Whats this wood?

    Cordyline australis?? (https://is.gd/GmRDS1)
  3. Funny how the treatment of the Brimmon oak, a single and very fine tree in Mid Wales, the survival of which has, for the time being, been assured, gets so much more attention here than a campaign to highlight the direct support given by a company, who's products many of us use on a daily basis, to the KTS Group of timber and palm oil companies that have caused the devastation of thousands of hectares of forest and, no doubt, Millions of trees, besides running roughshod across the land of indigenous peoples. No-one's asking for a boycott of Stihl saws- just a cessation of their active support for illegal felling. It'll cost you nothing to sign a petition. It may make no difference. But it might reduce the guilt a touch as you crunch down on another palm-oil filled Jaffa cake! https://www.rainforest-rescue.org/petitions/1037/get-stihl-chainsaws-out-of-the-rainforest
  4. See this: http://bit.ly/1Qjltvl https://www.rainforest-rescue.org/


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