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  1. Link doesn’t work try www.bristol.gov.uk and search for jobs.
  2. Bristol City Council are looking for an Arb Officer on a short term contract until March 2019. Level 3/4 G TechCert. Great opportunity to get experience. www.bristol.gov.uk/jobs.
  3. The tree officers are refusing to survey trees where epicormic growth prevents basal inspection
  4. As an LA Tree Officer, it is our policy to only employ AAA contractors, seems fair to me.
  5. I'm in the final few months of the BSc, it is academically challenging over a range of different disciplines, and requires experience, as does the PD. They are different but, for me with experience of both, the BSc is more rigorous, although it involves less time commitment, and more widely accepted within academic circles and the ICF.
  6. No, I dont agree. To be competent would suggest that they need to know all about plant science before doing the course, therefore what is the point of taking it? I think it would be fairer to say, be familiar with some of the basic principles of plant science and go from there, but above all else, be prepared to put some effort into studying when you are on the course. Mmm, not in my experience, having previous knowledge of plant science was enormously helpful to me. I did the course online however.
  7. I think you will need to be competent at plant science before undertaking the FDSc.
  8. alliaria

    My accident

    Can't seem to copy the link on the iPad but it's 'Silver Machine' by Hawkwind. I hope you are still feeling mean Sean, all the best, Leigh
  9. alliaria

    My accident

    Jeez Sean, Ive only just read this, my thoughts are with you.
  10. I was told by a mycologist that G.australe often has mycelium in the pore tubes and applanatum does not. Probably too easy though.
  11. Hi All , There is a vacancy for a Senior Arb in Bristol City Council. Check the website etc for further details. Cheers , Leigh
  12. Hi Chris, You are right they are different courses, the PD is aimed at Consultancy and is full on, I did a couple of the modules with TreeLife. In those days it was all examination based with a practical/management day. The BSc is heavily weighted towards plant science and research, if you have no experience of 5837 surveys then a BSc will not equip you to carry these out. But if you want to learn about the science of trees, soils, biotechnology, environmental plant biology etc then the degree is worthwhile. They are two different qualifications at a high academic level offering two discrete pathways to becoming a professional Arb. and should be synergistic. Cheers, Leigh
  13. Sorry, the PD as in Professional Diploma is rightly regarded as one of the best qualifications in Arb. I am merely speculating that the industry is moving towards qualifications validated by Universities and being promoted by the ICF and Myerscough in particular.
  14. I am studying for a BSc (Hons) Arb. I have finished the FDSc and that was fairly rigorous, you can wing some modules. Not this though. i am a LA Tree Officer and it is hard work. whether its worth it is subjective, for me at 58 it is a vanity project. But for younger Arbs it is, in my opinion, the way forward. he PD will become less important and a degree will be the standard.


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