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  1. Tree identification

    I thought its was some kind of Elm/Alder - thanks for the reply.
  2. Tree identification

    Can any of you here on this forum help me with the identification of this! Here are the seed pictures, they come out well before the leaves. My brother had it cut down a few weeks back and the tree surgeon said it was some kind of Lime! I am not convinced it is.
  3. What saw to go for?

    I got an Alaskan Mill 36", running a 44" Bar with a Husky 3120, I'm up in Mountain Ash if you ever want advice drop me a pm.
  4. Todays efforts

    Nope its to stay outside! He now needs to dig the hole to concrete it in.
  5. Todays efforts

    Milled some Oak today, someone asked me to mill them a piece of Oak (6"x6"x10') for a post so he could hang is 'Hammock', so we milled this: . Only just managed to carry it from when we milled it .
  6. Oak Boards

    Hi I have a large number of Oak boards that we milled two years ago and have been air drying, they are 18% moisture at the moment. I was wondering what they are worth? They are 35mm thick and up to 600mm wide and 2500 in length. Someone asked me for some the weekend but I don't have any idea what Oak is fetching these days.
  7. replacement saw recomendations for my mill

    I use a Husky 3120 on our mill, 44" Bar with helper handle.
  8. Figured/pippy lime

    Pictures please
  9. Husqvarna 2101xp

    I want a replacement cylinder with a decompression valve due to the strength needed to start the beast! I also have a 3120XP with a decompression valve and its a bit of piss to start. I will say that the 2101 starts on the second pull, it was our milling saw until I purchased the 3120XP, cracking saw. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Husqvarna 2101xp

    Hi Do anyone here know where I can purchase a new cylinder and piston set (complete with decompression valve) for a 2101XP Husky? There is nothing wrong with the saw just a bugger to pull start, weak arms! lol Brian
  11. Questions on The Kiln Drying Process

    Take a look here: The Bronze Oak Leaf | Woodworking and Sundry Other Avocations the plans he mentioned I bought but to be honest his description of how he dries his wood are far better than the purchased plans. PM me if you want further details.
  12. Granberg Bar

    Alec The chain will not run around the bar - I will try the advice you have given to see if there any pinch points. Brian
  13. Granberg Bar

    I mill wood with a friend and after taking his advise I finally purchase 3 (404 pitch) chains from Rob D. He was so helpful I cannot thank him enough. However after trying to fit the chains onto the saw (Husqvarna 3120), they just will not run in the bar. The bar is a 'Granberg 44" .63, so the chain I purchased was a .63 pitch 404", can anyone shine a light on why this will not run in the bar, he chained the sprocket from the 3/8 to the 404. Any advice on this would help. Thanks Brian
  14. Nice log, but what is it???

    Yep is certainly looks like Beech to me.
  15. Drying Wood

    Here are two bowls I turned for the wife to give as Christmas presents - I milled this Sycamore in about February.


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