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  1. Hi all, we are needing to renew our PL insurance, but the new quotes are excessive, anyone know of any companies that offer cover for work in the EU ?? as we do both work in the UK and also in Portugal. Thanks steve
  2. great looking saw , how much would a PS-6400 cost inc VAT. be please ?? on the subject of getting ripped off, you should try living here in Portugal !!! Stihl equipment is about double the UK price , and most other stuff is more than the UK, its cheaper for me to get stuff from the USA than to get it here, Steve Portugal
  3. Thankyou for your reply agg221 , yes i was hoping to go for an old stihl, there are a few other makes that my local dealer has knocking about in the back of the workshop, (good running big old saws), I will find out the makes and models and get back to you . thanks Steve Portugal
  4. Hi there to all, I am looking for a large old saw to use in my alaskan mill, I am currently using a Echo Cs8000 80cc , but i am wanting to find something else to use in it. can anyone recommend a good powerful old saw ? obviously price comes into it as i cant really afford hundreds and hundreds on a saw. and i am even willing to get a non runner and fix it up, as over here there are lots of spare parts for the older saws. just not many runners that people want to sell, they tend to buy them and keep them until they die. recommendations please ......... thanks Steve Portugal
  5. nope it was a OEM one. have been told its gonna cost 450 to sort out the head gasket,skim the head, valve adjustment , and fit a used water pump and used turbo, new belt and oil etc. thats parts and labour.... good price ? steve
  6. Hi guys , We don't normally put many pics up here , but I thought you guys might like to see this beauty. it is a Pina Mansa (sometimes called an Umbrella Pine ) its base and lower section of trunk was 2.3 m wide , a cracking bit of timber, it will be collected by a crane and taken away by truck for a furniture factory in Coimbra . I tried to embed the pics , but it was having none of it !! so here are the links to my Public FB page. :-( https://www.facebook.com/EcoDao/photos/a.631009670312848.1073741859.117632428317244/631009746979507/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/EcoDao/photos/a.631009670312848.1073741859.117632428317244/631009786979503/?type=1&theater Thanks Steve Portugal
  7. Many Thanks for all the replies guys, it was what i thought, but thought it best to ask. i would rather wait and try to get an 066 or some other big saw. many thanks Steve Portugal
  8. Hi there to all . just wanted some advice , my friend who runs one of the main Stihl dealerships in my region has just bought out an old guys shop and therefore his stock. he found some right gems in there. He has offered me a `BRAND NEW IN BOX` Stihl 048AV, now he has said i can have it for 500, my question is .....Should i go for it ?? thinking of using it as a replacement for my Echo 8000 (80cc) . so i can use the Echo full time in my Alaskan mill. or should i buy it and sell it on ? Opinions Please ?? Thanks Steve Portugal
  9. update water pump replaced, new belt fitted, ..... However....I need a new Turbo as it has also gone. and i need to have the head gasket replaced and the head poss skimmed. presume this is going to be expensive ?? as the engine has to be removed to do all of this ?? I am getting a turbo from UK (hopefully) as they are way expensive over here. Steve Portugal
  10. Thanks Sandworks , No she wasn't / hasn't been hot , ......However the tensioner pulley bearing has been squeeking an awful lot recently. do you think this may have caused the shearing ?? (all the wheels and pulley move freely by hand )
  11. Thanks guys , i was a bit shocked though that it had sheared off at the spindle , has anyone heard of this occurring ?? Steve Portugal
  12. Hi there to all had an interesting day today finished work early at 3pm and as we left the site first of all i lost power steering then power then we heard a clunking metal sound along the road underneath the vehicle. when i looked the entire belt pulley wheel for the water pump had snapped off !! had to be recovered back to the yard. does anyone know if this is a known problem , and is it likely to be a very expensive fix ?? dont know anything about the set up on a 300tdi , as i have only had 200`s in the past. many thanks Steve Portugal
  13. ecodao

    Echo 8000

    sorry i am late in coming to this thread , we have had severe telephone line problems , Ok i got one of these saws in similar circumstances to you. and had to get it up and running again. i used a guy in Greece to get me a new piston, and the rest came from the site already mentioned. except a new bar which i got from Treestuff in the USA due to its size. when up and running this is one of the best torque saws i have used, yes it is heavy ,but boy it has power, I have now fitted a much larger bar and am using it in my Alaskan Mill with no probs at all. the only negative things i will say is that it does (with heavy use ) go through a lot of AV mounts , esp the front left. the only other problem i have had is the throttle assembly jammed after a heavy cutting session ,( the end of the throttle rod went past the stop .) other than that a great saw. let me know if you want any info, contact me via my email or FB page., Steve Portugal
  14. Patrol 4.2 D ??? not a bad engine , still prefer a Landy though !! steve
  15. we normally use( in small areas with a few trees ) , the collar type traps , with the tube and soil bag , they work VERY well. but not feasible in large volume areas. steve


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