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  1. That thing looks like it's been eaten by PALM, Rick!!! How you doing?
  2. Hi Rick. Just got me NE Tachyon and using it with a ArmorPrus VT through HitchClimber......................smooth as! (But grippy when I need it!) How's things?
  3. What rope are you using for your main line, Mark?
  4. I think I've got to go the other way, Mark. Found out yesterday that a job to thin 4 Pines (which would take 2 of us a day at a cost of €440.00) was done for €1,200! And all the brash was still outside the gate..... And they'd 'Lion-Tailed' the muthas! Methinks a doubling of prices is in order. Seriously, though, I know there's an urge to go in a bit cheaper, but if questioned, explain they're getting a quality service by professionals using expensive kit.
  5. Just a quick line or two to express my appreciation to all fellow ArbTalkers for their, in some cases, very kind words of support and understanding. However, I did not post this thread to garner sympathy or give it a lot of 'boo-hoo, woe-is-me'. I was hoping that one of the lads would have contacted me over the last couple of days and offer an explanation for their actions - oh, and to have a rant! Only one of these objectives has been achieved and I think this thread may have run it's course (I may be wrong!) I am taking away from this some sound recruitment advice for the future and I thank those who have contributed to that. I have 2 more guys turning up in the next 5 days and I'll see if they work out so I should be sorted. Having said that, if todays volume of enquiries (and we're running at about a 90% take-up rate) is any indication of how busy we are still to get, don't be surprised if another request for good tree men is posted soon.
  6. Freelance (self-employed) I am able to accept UK invoices but registering self-employed here is easy though Social Security payments are higher than UK. VAT threshold very much lower than UK but my accountant and I have ways around it. You are legally responsible for your own Private Health Insurance though the E111 card gets you most treatments. Tell the wife your popping out for a pint of milk:thumbup:
  7. Andy. Thanks for your understanding and, as I pointed out at the start of this thread, I will not use this forum to name the individuals. I am hoping that at least one of them sees or hears about it and will grow a set and contact me.
  8. Hi Butler. Who are you?? If you are someone refered to in my post, PM or email me. Cheers.
  9. Stephen, the fact you stuck at something for 5 weeks without leaving anyone in the lurch, damaging or nicking anything is evidence of moral fibre......and you DID call the boss. I did not take the decision to start this thread lightly. However, I would like to hear from the lads, as my calls to them since their departure will atest to, and I'm hoping that here we all will hear the other side of the story.
  10. That's the point, they weren't men-enough to talk to me, hence the title of this post. Got one of my regular guys coming back tomorrow and one or two more from here over the next 5 days. Let's hope these ones are 'full-baked'
  11. Last week I had 2 lads start work for me. They arrived on Sunday and I picked them up at the airport. At this time, I gave them 50% of their airfares as agreed. I installed them in a rented flat and explained the rent due to me at the end of week 1 and this accomodation was temporary (a week-or-so) as it was promissed to another employee who had returned to the UK just for Xmas and New Year, and that they would have to sort themselves out more permanent accomodation. Monday and Tuesday, they worked well dismantling Palms and asssisting with the JCB, all looked promissing as they seemed to have a good work ethic. On the strength of this, I loaned them my car so they could get about and flat-hunt more easily. I also decided to pay them their daily rate at the end of every day, rather than at the end of the week due to them not being able to get to a bank to change Pounds to Euros. Wednesday showed up climbing inexperience when a simple Pine dismantle and 3 Cypress top-outs took all day - a lot longer than I would have anticipated, but I was aware that they may be demonstrating their conscientiosness. And was confident that the next day of this 2-day job would go better, even though one of the lads called that night to say the other one was thinking he may have made a mistake and may be looking for a flight home. Thursday morning I woke up to a voicemail message from them saying they were both leaving for the UK, and that I'll find my car, with apartment keys, in the village square! No further explanation was given for the sudden and unexpected departure. This left a job 1/2 done, and me having to eplain to the client why it wasn't going to be completed that day. My flat was left in the state that I had to spend 1 1/2 hrs. cleaning it, and I recently learned that my car was being 'rallied' around the village (which may explain the dent and paint transfer on the wing) They left owing a guy in the village money they had borrowed and me 3 day's rent. I will not name names in this forum, you know who you are, and it is my opinion that if you continue like this, especially so soon after leaving college, your Arb careers will be short-lived. I would welcome any and all comments from ArbTalkers, particularly in regard to how I could have treated these individuals any better.


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