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  1. I just put an ms 180 in basket and clicked to pay with PayPal it took me to press pay now option and hadn't added any postage! I daren't press pay now though. It was only charging me the £51 price for the kit??.
  2. Thanks that takes me to the US site and I changed it to GB pounds but couldn't find any free shipping.
  3. Can these kits only be ordered from the USA and how much is postage please
  4. Thanks chaps I ordered a new x cut chain from Mark skyland
  5. I currently run this chain, Husqvarna 15" .325 Pitch .050 Gauge Type H30 LowVib 64 Drive Links Chainsaw Chain. What options are there other than getting the same please?
  6. I have a 15" bar on my husky and would like to get a stihl ps3 chain made .325 64 link. Where can I get one made please
  7. I have a 15" bar on my husky and would like to get a stihl ps3 chain made .325 64 link. Where can I get one made please
  8. I was in motosave yesterday and noticed castrol make 2 stroke oil and chain oil for chainsaws. Has anyone used them? and are they any good?
  9. Hi all, picked up my new husky 235e from dealer the other day, first time i started it just to rev it up like you have to! i noticed that it produced loads of chain oil dripping out. Is this normal?
  10. Thanks for all your advice guys i will talk to dealer when i pick up saw.
  11. Dont know if i spelt it right!!! My mate has cut some large conifers down from around his property the type that everybody seems to have around their garden, are they called leylandii, and can i burn them in my log burner?
  12. I am about to purchase a new saw, do you need to take it easy with the revs initially to run engine in??????
  13. Paid £5 for a 12 footer from a local friend who has a field full of them, just turn up with your saw and take your pick.


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