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  1. Hi gents. I am doing a two day ash felling job on 10th/11th June, in tenterden, kent. I am looking for anyone who could let me dump two transit loads of chip in the area, as I am operating a bit of a distance from my usual area, as it's for a fellow former Royal Engineer. I can't even offer any logs as the customer is keeping them, but I could probably persuade him to give some. Alternatively I could reciprocate the favour for anyone who needs to off load logs or chip in the Medway area. A text to 07856 582879 would be the best way to get in touch. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  2. Wanted: keen and hard working individual to complete a team. Experience not as important as a good attitude to working in a busy team. Pay will depend on experience and quality of work. Our work is mainly domestic with some contract for schools, housing bodies, and letting agencies. Driving license preferred but not essential. Immediate trial is possible. If we like you and you like us, it's a goer. Contact Peter on: 01634 231688 07856 582879
  3. Cedar offered. Medway Kent.

    I have been asked by a customer to see if his cedar can be sold after felling. Said I would ask on this site. He will want some cash for it to offset the cost of felling. Is anybody interested? The tree is in Hempstead, Medway Kent. Call Peter on 07856 582879
  4. Good ground worker needed for domestic work. Good work attitude essential, driving license preferred. PPE provided, tickets not essential, only enthusiasm. Immediate start is available. If interested call Peter on: 07856 582879
  5. Good groundie wanted Medway, Kent

    I am looking to take on a good groundie with some experience and willingness to learn. Driving license is a must. All my work is domestic with a smattering of building contractors, sports clubs and letting agencies. Ex military would get a foot in the door, know what I mean? Text or call on 07856 582879 Thanks. Pete
  6. Hello pEte I have saved your number on my phone and I'm always looking to fill my diary with work. Thanks rich

  7. Hi rich

    Are you still looking for work?

    Pete, gillingham medway.

    07856 582879

  8. Hi Steve, Call me on 07856 582879 if you are up for some workin the medway area Thanks Pete
  9. Home sharpening timber wolf blades

    Thanks for all your suggestions gents, I will give it a go on the Tormek and post my results.
  10. I have recently bought a decent used wolf 190. Best move I ever made, it's a real beast compared to my Greenmech. I have fitted new blades, but the old ones look as if they'd sharpen up quite easily. I have a Tormek grinder and plan to sharpen them on this as it puts a beautiful edge on axes knives and chisels. My question is regarding balancing of the blades. If I home sharpen them they may well finish up one lighter than the other, if this is the case, will the resulting imbalance cause excess vibrations when in use? My reckoning is they are already a couple of Grammes different just as a result of wear and the odd stone chip. Any ideas on this as I am keen to get more use out of old blades but not on fitting new flywheel bearings if the whole thing shakes itself to bits.
  11. Gumtree Chainsaw scam

    If you want an ms 200t, then chances are you're arborist, so why mess about buying one second hand? Would you sell such a useful tool if it was any good? I've only ever had bad experiences using second hand chainsaws. If you have a use for the ms200t, then you are obviously going to earn some money from using it, and the peace of mind of having a new unit that won't have been stolen from someone's lockup, or start losing compression is worth the asking price. My saws usually last about a year, but then they work almost all day. So many people willing to buy used saws creates the demand that make the thieves go out at night looking at our garages and lockups.
  12. Apf 2012

    Does anybody know if you can overnight in the car park, I'm going in a campervan, and plan on a few beers and stay there, local campsites are an option , but that knocks the beers on the head for during the show,,as I'd have to drive from show to campsite, kind of defeats the object.....I guess fortune favours the brave, I could just hunker down in the car park, no-one would force you to drive off, if you'd already had a beer or two , would they?......
  13. Experienced groundie wanted, medway area, Kent

    Hi mate, no I've had a stream of no good wannabes, and my last decent prospect emigrated, so there's just two of us struggling by at the moment. Good groundies are hard to get and all the competition will only lend me their dross! Can't really blame them!
  14. I run a Small local company, doing mostly domestic tree surgery, some work for schools and developers. I am looking for a reliable experienced groundie to complete a three man team. Own transport and clean license preferred. Must be punctual and presentable. I can offer plenty of work, with permanent position for right candidate. Call Pete on: 07856 582879
  15. Looking for work in Kent

    Callum, if you are still looking for work, I need a good groundie, with own transport and clean license. Medway area, possible full time position. Call me on 07856 582879 Thanks. Pete.


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