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  1. Hi all Looking for body fabricators to fabricate me a chip box for a Land Rover 110. West midland company's please....go. Rich
  2. has any one been on the honey brothers website and seen what looks like a 395xp in the back of a pick up? They've changed the chain break? any one know if they are coming out any time soon and if theyve made changes?
  3. Hi all Got a jensen a530. Had a couple of problems with it over the past couple of weeks. Cured them but now the anti stress won't kick in. I've changed the speed sensor recently and there was some **** stuck behind a magnetic solenoid on the side of the chest pack which was causing the rollers to not pull in. That's fixed now though as pulls in fine. What's the best test to do or most common fault with this problem? As I've used many Chippers with no anti stress so I'm sure it's a common fault.
  4. Bout 6 foot Next 3 weeks?
  5. Hi guys Looking for a bear carving in the midlands Willing to pick up Cheers rich
  6. waitey


    Any body got any Austria contacts for work? Got experience. Plus has anybody worked there? If so whats the pay like etc Nice one lads Rich
  7. Well that's good to hear...but what happens when the electronic adjusters pack up...you quite often have to put a tuning screw driver to the 200's
  8. I'm with swinny...there's going to be a lot of guys keeping 200t's running. Bit depressing to think that the new saws are going to have to be sent away to be repaired.
  9. what are people thoughts on the new husky top handle when it eventually breaks down? Dont own one yet but i intend to. I was impressed by performance but iv never had to give my 200t to anybody to repair like most people on here iv fixed it myself. Thoughts please...
  10. Richard Waite Free lance climber covering the midlands. 5 years experience with time spent in Vancouver, British Columbia. National diploma in forestry and arboriculture. Nptc qualified in climbing plus cherry picker qualified. Fully insured. Contact me on: 07884311641 Email: wafservices@hotmail.co.uk
  11. I will never be Davey seal! I'm a burley girl all the way... I am indeed....off to stockholm at the end on the month...going to look at some fit swedes How's tricks with u?
  12. Apparently the Davey seals **** each other in the woods regardless of there district...and I hear hey have too silky everything cuz there not and aloud big petrol chainsaws...I also hear there red necks that shoot arrows through car doors...but all rumours I guess


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