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  1. Come along Rich would be good to catch up again,.... and bring a hard hat
  2. Cheers chaps got quite a few new additions this year, including a local company that makes these fire pits:001_cool:
  3. Bump a little video made last year
  4. 120ft ish gonna need a bigger rope
  5. Sorry miss read the post when it said "dealt with" Kinda tree terminology normally I use
  6. Was speaking to owner the other day, he said there was something left up there, presumed it was a cambium saver, may be it was a flag, Out of interest can you remember what that measured in at?
  7. Thanks Steve not sure yet, its ultimately Jimmys choice but thinking the one of the wellingtonia's as they're good for access demonstration, maybe even get your cambium saver back
  8. Are you sure it's a council tree? looks like it's on the bloke with a caravan's land, why not knock on his door,?
  9. Weird and wonderful is fast approaching again for those who know it, needs know introduction, For those who don't, it's a special event celebrating everything to do with wood, held near Bury st Edmunds, Suffolk on the 14th and 15th of May (next weekend) here is a link to the website Weird and Wonderful Wood I'm very pleased to announce this year we have a special guest attending, (for all you arb types) the current ITCC Champion James Kilpatrick, who will be demonstrating tree access, aerial rescue and anchoring techniques, would also really like to feture other apects of modern tree climbing techniques so for anyone else who has any ideas or wants to demo anything, i do have a limited amount of free tickets available just pm me with details Thanks
  10. Yep, Would cost me even more as I'd have to put a mewp on back
  11. I'd like one of these Far more arb
  12. Not sure if this came from the Acadia lot, but quite the work off art, (and my favourite place to stand last year Can't really get the scale but think it's made from a tractor wheel,
  13. Think there'll be a problem with the milking if you have 2 splices on a mainline, Won't it end up bunched up at on end, As for 13 used to like the xtc fire very easy to see But as others have said tacyon is 12.5 feels the same but much lighter, and has more strands so runs smoother all round
  14. Cool may try and make it, got a brother in Australia and it's a good stop off point, Actully lived in japan for a year but that was a while ago but wasn't much off a climbing sceane back then Is there much work for tree work gaijin out there?
  15. If your into coffee coffee, can't recommend enough get yourself a decent had grinder and move on to freshly roasted roasted stuff from the likes of hasbean union Fact is coffee starts to go stale about 6 weeks after roasting, and about a hour after grinding So the stuff you get at the super market is usually well past it's best Even better if your going to the arb show pop in this place RAVE Coffee | Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans and Green Coffee Beans Online But be warned you'll probably never drink at Costa Starbucks or illy again,


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