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  1. Yep same as ours.. Weve a sale on if you want one SPRING SALES – The Overlander
  2. We can get a slightly cheaper version of the zarges Storage solutions – The Overlander I have ex german army zarges that i use, but they are /were nearly as expensive a new ones, but to show how good they are one is from 1962!
  3. I tow with mine, a few things to note as its got no turbo-The engine really needs to be worked these develop most power at higher revs. Also they dont really loosen up until they've done at least 10k, mines really different now. Also they are geared right for towing, no slipping the clutch in first or trying to get the turbo to kick in, like in my old hilux, just steady away. They will run out of steam on big hills though if you let your momentum drop! The engines are good for 100s of thousands of miles tho. We have one with the factory turbo, the amazon engine, from aus. Thats a totally different animal and goes like stink. So its the preferred engine but was only ever put in the pick up in aus.
  4. We supply alu cab products and we can now get hold of these landrover bonnet boxes. A good use of space? Better than a spare wheel? Off to Germany next week to collect some..so pm me for a pre order if interested. They arent on our website yet so pm or email [email protected] They are £480+vat + delivery We can also supply and fit the pop top...
  5. I dont post on here that often as i get so frustrated with the 'experts' and the opinions based on something someone said or something someones mate did. I posted this truck to show that its possible to get a very good landcruiser in the uk, ive set up a business to facilitate this. Ive done my research and have the contacts to ensure that what you buy is a genuine truck and have a process in place to inspect, service, transport,ship, collect, mot/iva, import and register the vehicle. If it was as easy as buying a cheap truck off aus ebay then i guess the uk would have an abundance of good cheap landcruisers and everyone would own one and there'd be no point in me doing what i am doing and putting a post up about it.. Rant over:001_rolleyes:
  6. Yep right hand drive. Lots of spec variables, tipper can be fitted easily. Consider these have never seen salt and very little rain lol This one was one owner from new ! They are rare here so they hold their value, compared to the stuff thats presently available in the uk i would say these are a good investment as well as a good truck..
  7. So weve all got through the Christmas carry on! I hope! Back to work and plans for the new year.. Camping trips planned or fancy some neat kit for work? We have some new year deals on and lots of new kit being added to our shop over the coming weeks. We will be at the arb show and the apf with some cool stuff, but keeep an eye out here until then! The Overlander online shop
  8. Price varies according to spec. This one was £26,000+ vat Theres some cheaper and some a lot more! We source them based on budget and spec..
  9. A new year and a new truck.. for someone anyway !! 2003 4.2l 6cyl factory turbo with all the bits ! Due in the end of january, its sold but others available..
  10. I ran a 60 plate hi lux invincible. Towed LT70 sawmill with it no problem. With standard wheels and no canopy averaged 27mpg Add mud terrains reduced this by 2mpg (cooper stt on the invincible rims) Add canopy reduced this by 2mpg (n+j standard height with roof rails) Towing reduced it by 3-5mpg depending on weight I worked this out properly and played around with the different configurations. This was standard not chipped The engine took around 25-30k to run in, noticable difference in performance as mileage went on. I did 50k in 18months without a single issue. They are less blinged than the navara, less power but zero down time. 4x4 and liw box is on a lever, not electronic, this is very important.. I now run landcruiser which is even more agricultural, but the 4.2 6cyl is the best engine for work. You cant have it all unfortunatly! Just my experience, others may vary..
  11. Im trying to get some info on these to see if we can get them RHD I already represent them with the landcruiser and they now do a kit for a transit.. http://http://www.extremfahrzeuge.com/ford-transit-4x4.html Pm me if interested..
  12. stanoverlander

    New truck

    Used mate New ones are V8 diesels and dont meet european emissions and are twice that price! This one is particularly clean, there are some very good used trucks in oz as theres not the same rust issues and so long as its not an ex mine ute we can source some pretty sweet trucks
  13. stanoverlander

    New truck

    Got this on its way from australia for a customer..plenty more available. This one is with the 4.2 turbo engine only fitted in pick ups in oz. You are looking between £26-30k + vat for a good truck..
  14. We will have these on display at the adventure overland show at stratford on 26/27 th september Details of the show on our website
  15. We are adjusting the dimensions so you should be able to make it out Large/small 750/600 top length 560/410 bottom length 400/420high 250/200 depth


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