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  1. Adam In my post number 101 I have given advice, which I consider to be life saving based on 20 years experience. You chose to dismiss this as not worth answering. How long have you been climbing mister self appointed internet expert.
  2. It's up to 107 posts and there's only been 2 questions' We're bored so we're giving each other advice:001_smile:
  3. Don't nitpick Adam, it doesn't become you...all the other stuff I said is far more important. Also you only quoted half my sentence about my light weight and moving the anchor point. If I saw damage at my anchor point I would start to use a cambium saver and risk having to reclimb the tree at the end...I haven't seen it. Bit disapointed in you:thumbdown:
  4. Sorry Drew. Your advice on cambium savers is sound and not exactly gear centric. I started just saying I don't use one, although I know that most do. Maybe it's cos I'm quite skinny and move my anchor around a lot:001_smile:But hate it when it gets stuck on way down...sod the cambium. The rest of my post is no reflection on your comment.
  5. I don’t use a cambium saver because I’d rather not climb the tree at the end to go get it when it gets stuck. I have calculated that the friction it saves is not noticed by either me or the tree so I don’t bother with them. Simple is good anchor point, prussic, job done …go home drink beer. My advice to the newbies is to forget all this gear stuff, with the exception of a pulley on your prussic for one handed tending. Gear is not a status symbol, representing how good you are. Having a VT or some mechanical device does not make you a better climber than someone on a prussic. It’s like golf…you can’t buy a good swing, it takes work, practice, effort and experience Concentrate on navigation around the tree to get a good route to do what you need to do. Concentrate 100% …nothing less…on what you are doing. Always be calm and never get annoyed. Think about what could happen all the time…like a fork closing on your foot when you take weight off a branch, or the hundreds of other ways that a tree can bite you. Speed if you have it in you will come on it’s own, you can’t buy it and you can’t force it. Forget about speed and think about safe. Remember the way to stay in one piece is ...SMALL BITS. Edit: I forgot. When you're up the tree ...YOU DECIDE... what goes on . As a newbie do not allow yourself to be peer pressured. It will happen and you need to build the confidence quickly to make decisions as to what you can and can't do ...Safely
  6. Before you let the pack out Skyhuck. He didn't say that. He's proposing a what if...hypothetical scenario. He's talking about breaking convention generally. It must be what he feels is going on here....personally I don't care...I'm of the nuts in a vice school.
  7. By the way....I haven't put Zanders surname on t'internet because I don't think it's the right thing to do without a persons permission. It's up to each individual whether they want their full name out there or not Hope others will do the same.... Thanks very much:001_smile:
  8. He might be pushing 50 now I'm 53 and I think he was just a year or 2 younger than me , last time I saw him he was down in Brighton. One of the nicest chaps I've ever known too. I still can't remember the name of that big firm down Acton way but he worked for them.
  9. Until I saw Mr Humphries waffling on about all his joyous tree stuff I didn’t know there was anyone out there who had such enthusiasm for the job. (Even though he’s kinda management and not a hard arsed climber like us) I am still grumpy and miserable as you all know and will never have his enthusiasm. I do however find it comforting to know that it’s out there, a bit like a nice warm coat or a duvet This applies to Tony and some others too like Matt who keeps all the country lanes and paths open So I’ll raise one to David and the others….Arbtalks nice warm duvets:001_smile:
  10. I'm not even recognising the existence of xmas in any way whatsoever. We get called grumpy for not participating in the consumer greedfest that christmas is. Dare to have a brain in this world...not a good idea.
  11. Having said my piece I would like to submit a certain arbtalker as a top ten sort of person. He started on AT as a dyslexic college kid with the most appalling spelling I have ever seen. He battled on and got his qual's, then set up chopping trees as like all the young'uns he couldn't get a starter job. He has since improved his knowledge and skills. Not only all of this but he puts back into the forum with what advice he can offer. He has even provided paid work for other members helping out beginner climbers along the way. Along with participating in rec climbs etc. My nomination....Tom 20 20
  12. This is me in a good mood David:001_smile: It'll run this one but I don't think it's a good idea. Maybe I should think of a dumb christmas thread aye:001_smile:
  13. True...but I don't approve... As I have never liked the trend of bigging up certain members and this just plays to it. Way too much unnecessary rigging going on in most of the vids ...not to mention the bling..... Baaah humbug:001_smile:
  14. You can't tell if someone's gonna produce the goods or not off the internet. It takes time and different scenarios and a lot of beer. This is a wannabe list..... Seasons greetings:001_smile:
  15. I agree with Mr Blair for once, and I'm being polite. My top 4 are real climbers and not internet climbers, and they don't include me. Mat (Cheshire), Carl (Cheshire), Zander (London) and Mike in NZ (Keri Keri}. Edit: And Mr ED before he got fat podgy and greedy:001_smile:


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