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  1. Been looking at a bunch of them recently. A lot of them had been crown reduced at some time in the past to 'manage the risk'. So how risky are they? And given how quickly and densely limes can resprout, does reducing the crown really manage the risk?
  2. Are you sure? It seems strange for a woodpecker to move around the tree in a circle like that.
  3. I meant to get a photo but can't find my phone connector, but a lot of limes have rings of chew marks or insect holes or something around the cambium of branches or stems, sometimes vaguely diamond-shaped holes, and usually going right round in a complete ring. I should probably know what does this because I've seen it so often but I do not know and so consult the all-knowing arbtalk
  4. To me the idea of propping and bracing a tree like that seems weird. Since its behind a fence anyway why not let it shed limbs and slowly collapse with dignity?
  5. very few companies will ask you to have the woodchipper course. if you want to climb you will need CS38 and CS39 after 30/31
  6. Are you worried about the foundation strength or the damage to the tree? The former is a job for an engineer, who should be taking account of local conditions. In terms of damage to the tree, if it has been decided to build there within the root protection area (and no laws prevent it from happening) then ideally the foundation should be hand-dug within the RPA, but to some extent the tree will cop it anyway. The amount of damage that will do to the tree depends on lots of factors - difficult to assess it without seeing the site.
  7. This is good stuff thanks. I used a couple of your vids when doing my CS30. They're even more useful now I've got a chainsaw and have forgotten everything I learned by rote on CS30...
  8. That must be a different species from what we call mountain ash here. It surely isn't Sorbus aucuparia...?
  9. Sorry if it's a slightly thicko question, but where do you put the extra wrap? Is it an extra wrap at step 4 in the link above? Or is it at step 2?
  10. Great, thanks. I thought as much but wasn't trained with this knot and have this strange tendency to want to be sure when I'm trusting my life to a knot...
  11. If I used a double fisherman's loop instead of a spliced eye on the friction cord for my main line (say for a Blake's hitch) is it safe to do so without tying a stopper knot in the free end from the DFL? For that matter is it safe to put a double fisherman's loop on the end of a main line instead of a bowline? And would you do it without a stopper knot? The double fisherman's loop, in case other people call it different things: Arborist Knots - Double Fisherman cheers
  12. Okay, not sure whether to leave it or tweak it now. I'm using it on a job tomorrow so I'll try leaving it ticking over for a minute or two before using the throttle and see how that works.
  13. It hasn't been run a while yet - bought it the other day and haven't taken it on a job yet.
  14. Okay, time to read the instruction manual. I expected it to be set up ready to go by the dealer - do they not do that then?
  15. Hmm, thanks, good info to know that I should let it tickover before revving. But I'm still surprised it is stopping every time from cold. Never known other saws to do that, but then I've only used the professional saws before - perhaps they are more resilient?


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