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  1. Employment Law

    Yup, i agree with you mate! I am sure he will not be there long. But, they must turnover staff fast as hell.... Who would put up with doing that week in - week out!!? He just said some days he is doing 12 hours for 8 hours pay! It is wrong!! Should not be allowed! They are taking advantage. If they advertise C1+E driving licence in the job advert, and you getting the job depends on having it, how the hell can driving their truck to site not be classed as "work"? Wankers!
  2. Employment Law

    He does report to a base, which they claim is not 'work'.
  3. Employment Law

    That article says 48 hours is the EU Directive working week, before overtime is paid. Fair enough, he is still doing 48 hours on standard wage, and 2 hours overtime for a Mon-Fri week? Anyone else got anymore info?
  4. Employment Law

    I am seeking advice on UK employment law for a friend. He recently became employed by a company. This company expects him to pick up the work truck at their yard and drive an hour down the road to site. Work 8 hours. Then drive the truck back to the yard. They are only paying him for the 8 hours worked. Surely this is against the law? Driving their work truck to and from site must be paid in my opinion. And over 40 hours a week at overtime rate. I have been a subby for many years so no longer up to date with employment law. Any info, facts or links from you guys much appreciated.
  5. Would anyone attempt this

    I would definitely have had a go at that!! Not a lot of room for error though! That trunk is literally an inch from the shed roof! Fair play to the bloke! Turned a nightmare of a job into an easy mornings work! It would have been a tricky dismantle with that power line and pole right under the tree!
  6. What's the best small ground saw? Fancy a Husky

    I just got a 560XPG, very happy with it! I never thought I'd buy anything but Stihl, until they started messing around with postal delivery rules! I won't buy a Stihl again! They've lost my custom! Husky all the way! I've got friends who own the 550, only heard good things!!
  7. No part of the vehicle or chipper were "defective" so how can I get three points for having defective brakes???
  8. Traffic copper in an unmarked car!
  9. I thought it was bloody harsh too! It has to be the first time I've ever not clipped it on, and I have no idea why I didn't. Damn unlucky he saw it as well.... I've had a squeaky clean licence for 15 years, so it's annoyed me A LOT!!
  10. Got stopped by the old bill today, and to my amazement he said the brake away cable on my chipper was not attached. And sure enough, it wasn't! I am usually very strict and check the cable, the number plate matches the vehicle and the lights and working. Dunno how it happened, but anyway, I failed to clip the break away cable on! He gave me a ticket, and said I will get three points and £100 fine! His exact wording on the ticket says "defective trailer brakes" which is not strictly true! The brakes were fine! Is it worth going to court to argue the point, or do I just pay up and take thE points like a man?! Please share your thoughts!! Cheers, Ed
  11. Amazing bit of felling!

    Did this one last year! Nowhere near as tight, but the tree had the crown on so I had to aim to the left of the birch tree in the foreground so it would fit. Made it bloody close to the building on the left as she went through.
  12. Amazing bit of felling!

    If they go through, your a legend! If it doesn't your a tosser! No in between!
  13. Amazing bit of felling!

    I tried a Washingtonia Palm fell in Portugal a few years ago, the gate way was a lot further away though, and just as tight. The trunk made it through, but one of the lower fronds pulled over a poorly build ten metre block wall. I did the two day job in half a day! Then spent the next three days rebuilding the wall. Funny now, at the time it wasn't!!
  14. Amazing bit of felling!

    It might be straight, but it still takes a good pair of bollocks to actually do it! Fair play to the man!
  15. Chainsaw on a plane?

    I do it regularly with Ryanair and Norwegian! Never had an issue! TAP in Lisbon pulled me off a plane just before take off once though.. missed the flight because they found the chainsaw in my luggage! I flew in with them, it was fine until I wanted to fly my saw home! Arseholes! Never flown with them since! I posted the saw home, it arrived in two days, obviously went by plane!!


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