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  1. i used to work down in Brighton but i never heard of that company.
  2. A tree surgeon has died after an accident at work. The man, believed to be in his 20s and from Eastbourne, was working on a tree at a property in Park Gate, Hailsham. East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called to the home at 11.07am along with officers from Sussex Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service. Upon arrival, fire crews found the tree surgeon situated high in a tree. First indications appear that the man's death has been a result of a serious accident. The Sussex Police and HM Coastguard were also called to the scene. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The Health and Safety Executive have been informed
  3. never tried the TA1 but love the duo. been swingin with it for about 10 months now. I had a komet B2 before that and loved that too, in fact the only harness I instantly didnt like was the williams. yuck. It weighed as much as me.
  4. didn't you find it annoying having to go and get all the hung up stuff outta the tree next door?
  5. i can't believe anyone would WANT to smoke a fat one at work. i couldn't hire someone to clean my fuelcan if he/she was hi
  6. thanks for the welcome Big A. I didnt mean to get on about anyones work ethic and if thats what they thought then my apoligies. I just got a little knarked about being tarred with the same brush as kids who have no respect for the guys who have been in the game for a while.
  7. what are you agreeing with exactly... that no one should start up in the industry. that you should be able to charge what you did ten tears ago interesting
  8. please read what i wrote. i'm totally agreeing with you about companies charging what they have to charge. what i fined strange is the general lack of enthusiasm for young and new people starting out. If you don't have that in an industry then there will be problems in the future. and yes quickthorn I have a second income (wedding/conference band...) and a free small plot of land but you need a little jump up in the beginning right? lts probably not the best time in the world to start a business i know but when is
  9. roller. yes i am self employed. I guess i'm one of these 'new guys' that make you so angry. a couple of points for you I worked my ass off for two years for other companies and i DID NOT moan about the money because I knew i was a rookie and apreciated the overheads Paid for my own tickets cause alot of companies can't afford £1200 For the last year I've set up, advertised, insured, geared up, subbed and accounts and yes small companies do risk assesments aswell! one of the reasons prices have dipped over the years is because of competion. Maybe if you down sized you could charge a more realalistic, competitive price which is exactly what i try to maintain If you've been in the biz for years then 'types' like me will be where you are years from now moaning about the little upstarts nipping at my heals thanks for the welcome
  10. i don't understand why some of you are so against self employment (plus some subbing naturally) how did your companies get where they are today with that atitude?


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