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  1. Currently at Duxford....

    Awesome!...I've won a flight in one of these in a raffle...well chuffed...always wanted a cabby in a Tiger Moth ❤️ Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  2. 2 vans or 7.5 toner

    I've gone for two vehicles. A landrover 90 for tools and a 130 tipper for the chip. I have two trailers, one 10x5 tipper and one 12x6. We can fill the 130 and tipper with chip one day, then go back with both trailers and take out the logs, usually in one lift. Everyone's different...but it works for me....we do a high percentage of off road work. The biggest drawback is having pre97 licence or trailer ticketed drivers. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  3. Debon tipper trailers

    BUMP! Id be very interest in a review of these trailers too, any got any feedback?
  4. Another terrible pair of haix !

    Haix used to be the best boots on the market. I bought several pairs over the years. They have cut the quality in the last 5 years or so. My last pair lasted 3 months before the sole fell off. Same happened to another climber I know. Don't buy em!:thumbdown:i
  5. just had a call from this company, anybody had any dealings with them?. Sounds like a good idea, IF it works! tenders4u.co.uk
  6. Look out.

    Lock it or lose it fellas!....it's nearly Xmas time, thieves are on overtime...
  7. Question about echo cs 620 sx

    I've used Geoffs 620...I have to say, it's the Badgers nadgers, good value too. I run a 450, its a good gound saw, a bit heavy for what it does, but it starts on the 2nd pull...every time. Just what I want next to the chipper
  8. 560 problem and alternative saw

    My 550xp is light, well balanced and cuts superbly....shame it takes 25 pulls to start. It's been in and out of the dealers....By far the most unreliable saw I've had in 20 years. There seems to be a huge problem in quality control, as lots of people on here love them!....husky just lost another customer.
  9. Pfanner protos helmet

    Just goes to show, sometimes paying more money doesn't guarantee the best kit...I an quite surprised though, Ive had Pfanner stuff for years and it's been top notch. Petzl Ecrin Roc is the best I've had by far...and it's no great drama to fit the Stein PTT comms muff on it.
  10. Pfanner protos helmet

    I'm wearing mine, now :thumbdown:its cooled down a bit (way too hot in summer). I've taken the honeycomb pad out of the top. The earmuffs and visor are good, but I miss the coolness and adjustability of an Ecrin Roc. I won't buy another one.
  11. Wages fair pay

    Let's face it fellas, if you want to earn good money here in the UK, get yourself out of the tree game...and into something more lucrative. Yes, you can earn doing Treework...but you an a lot more doing a lot less in many other trades and your not so much at the mercy of the up and down British economy.
  12. Britain Hating Ideology

    Corbyn is a communist, Cameron all for the rich...take your pick of these two idiots, because the system is designed to prevent much needed change. British politics make me shudder 😢
  13. echo *CS-390ESX experience

    You still wanna swap my 550xp for anything similar that works Felix??
  14. ms260/261 or other options?

    agreed. I have a 261C its bloody awful....what with that and my 550xp...I've totally given up on E-carb saws. Ended up buying an Echo 450...no fireworks there and not my felling saw of choice...but its 100% reliable and starts on the second pull - everytime. Oh, and guess what...my tendon problem in my right arm has cleared up!
  15. husqvarna 550xp cuts out

    I've had the same problem with mine for 4 months...been back to dealer etc, etc...the way I'm sorting it out...is swapping it for an old Stihl MS260!


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