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  1. Hello all, haven’t been on for a while...here’s our little train set...minus the L200 [emoji41][emoji1360]
  2. arbogrunt


    Get one of these little beasts!
  3. Reggies favourite time of the day....playing in the wood chip pile!`
  4. ha ha!, we havent worked that out yet!
  5. a whole wood of mature Ash, these trees are about 70-80' tall and about 30-36k inch diameter. Its called West Wood and is an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve just outside Thaxted in Essex. Chalara has decimated this woodland and extensive clear felling has been taking place for the last couple of years.
  6. It never gets easier....feast or famine. I was in this boat a few years ago. I soldiered on, largely because I can't do anything else!. There are easier ways to make more money...and there's always the option of selling up and going freelance. I did just that years ago, less hours, no stress...weekends off, time for hobbies. Now I've got my own trainset again....back to 6 days a week and the aggro that goes with it, but I'm happier with the reality of the situation now. Only you can make the call. I hope it turns out well for you mate [emoji1360]
  7. We had 6 of these wagons, brand new, in my unit in the Army. They were all taken off the road within months...some problem with the diff....
  8. Ah right!...I didn't know they did them.
  9. I run a 501sx....what the difference with that and a 501sxh?
  10. arbogrunt

    50 cc saw

    its an ms261c. My mate has one and its fine. once bitten...twice shy!
  11. ha ha!...I have got Stihls and Huskys I love dearly...not enough to tatt myself up with though!
  12. arbogrunt

    50 cc saw

    all my problems have been carbouretter related...the actual saw has been great. Ive replaced it now, just had enough of it conking out on site. Now I now what the 'C' stood for
  13. arbogrunt

    50 cc saw

    guess I was just very unlucky with mine. My mates got one and its great. I wish Stihl and Husky field tested their new products a bit better, instead of letting us lot buy stuff that is just not up to scratch, then addressing the problems with later models. I certainly wont be buying any new models again in the future. Reliability is my no.1 requirement...nothing worse than a lock up full of unserviceable saws


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