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  1. Shaft looks OK, I only had to cut the housing then put a puller on the bearing and it came off ok
  2. So got everything of without to much drama, had to cut the old bearings to pull them off but that was fine. Took them to the local bearing shop before I cut them off and they sorted new with replacements. Went to fit it back on and they don't fit! I've tried different configurations by turning them and they are about 5mm out.... The casting on one of the old bearings was broken so I'm wondering if it has the wrong ones I've got ucp205-16 1" ones
  3. Ahha I see. Nice one jonny
  4. this is sounding confusing... there were no bolts just 3 grubs and there is a keyway on the shaft, I'll take a piccy tomorrow.
  5. there were 3 grub screws which i removed, should it just come off with a little persuasion now then?
  6. I have a rayco rg13 and one of my cutter head bearings is kaput so I need to remove the lower belt pulley to get the bearings out. Do I do this using a hub puller or is there another method?
  7. I've been left speechless and repulsed by some of the reponses here. Please if you don't have any logs to donate then there is no need to reply.
  8. I've just been sent this text message: "Hi there . I am a charity worker working for a charity based in Bristol but I live in bath . I have been working on the ground in the refugee camps in Dunkirk and we have a lorry taking building materials for shelters and firewood out to the families living in tents in horrific cold conditions . I am asking all tree surgeons in the area if they would be willing to donate some chopped seasoned wood to our project as they are desperate out there or if they know of any building materials going spare to build makeshift shelters to get people out of tents . I've seen for myself there are lots young children getting ill from the cold. If you can help it would be massively kind and appreciated thanks" Just wondering if anyone would be able to help. If so I will pass on contact details. Thanks
  9. I've got a 35c15 and it's awesome. Recently changed the gear selector which comes with the stick attached, easy job 30mins a and it's changed. Now my gears are loads better.

    <p>OK I'll have a look in the morning</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Nice one!</p>


  11. <p>check the black connector it may have a brokern wire</p>


    <p>yeah, it was from about 5 years ago <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

    <p>I've had ago at getting it back to where it was the rollers and no stress worked briefly (2 & half logs) then stopped again, no power going into the valve...</p>

    <p>I'll have another go at getting the screw back to where it was. dont really get how it is having an effect on the electrical system though? (if that's whats going on..)</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>thanks Johny</p>


  13. <p>may just need the connecters cleaning,try reversing whast he did,trying to think what the prob was ,was it an old thread</p>


    <p>Hi Jonny</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I have a problem with my jensen 528, a friend had a play with the screw in the roller valve speed control, and now the rollers won't work unless I run a direct line to the battery to the solenoid.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I noticed in an old thread you mentioned this problem and was wondering if you knew how to fix it?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>any help much appreciated</p>

    <p> </p>



  15. there is a knife sharpener at avon business park on lodge causway in fishponds. does a good job and cheap as chips!!


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