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Strimmer maintenance - cleaning it up for the season... (and changing spark plug boot)

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Hi all


OK, so it's a bit late in the year to start the strimming, but I've been busy...!


And so have the mice. The little bleeders have had a feast on the spark plug boot. Local shop didn't have any replacements, but I have a defunct chainsaw and have taken the one off that to use. Is that ok? Are they quite universal / interchangeable, or model specific?


Whilst I've got the cover off the machine, is it worth giving it a clean up (photos below)? If so, what's best to use?


Sorry for the basic questions. I'm not much of a machine man!









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The cap looks OK, as long as it doesn't spark or track down the HT lead, it should be OK as long as the spur connector is attached to the HT lead OK. Some caps have 90 degree lead connectors, some are angled but yours looks like a good fit.

Cleaning it up...white spirit, brush and a compressor or white spirit, brush and carb/brake cleaner will do the job but it looks cleaner than most of the kit I get in!!

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Thanks for the quick reply and the help, much appreciated.   


I actually reused the spring/coil piece from the old boot, rather than the salvaged one from the chainsaw.  It has two right angled prong bits, whereas most of the others I've been seeing have one.  Anyhow, because it was the "original", the holes in the HT lead lined up nicely so that was good.  


As for cleaning, I don't have a compressor, but I do have white spirit and carb/brake cleaner.  So do I use the carb/brake cleaner to kind of rinse it (I've never used it before!).  And are there any areas that I need to avoid, or can I go ahead and clean every bit I can see?  Presumably the white-ish stuff is some kind of corrosion?  


Again, sorry for being such a novice!  



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The "white stuff" is aluminium oxide and isn't bad in any way. The general condition doesn't look bad but just work the white spirit in to any dirt, oil or grease with the brush and then I would usually air jet it off but the solvent should wash any residue off or just use a cloth.

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Good morning.  Had to go to work on Thursday so tday's now the day....  


Turns out I don't have any carb/brake cleaner after all.  What I have is this:



Action Can Manufactures & Distributes TF-90 Fast Drying Industrial Cleaning Solvent and Degreaser Spray, Industrial...



Is that any use?  And if so, as the main cleaner instead of white spirit?  Or as the flusher/rinser instead of the carb/break cleaner?  Thought I'd best check as I don't want to do more harm than good!  


Cheers and have a great weekend.

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Don't get hung up on it, basically you are applying a non water based fluid to loosen the dirt so you can then either use air or a degreaser to clean it off. Your stuff will be fine, just use the white spirit and a 1-2" cheap paintbrush to work at any dirt on the body, fins and carb and when it is all loosened up, give it a blast with your cleaner spray to make sure all the crud has gone - a compressor and air gun makes this type of work much much much much easier!!!

Strimmer engines tend to not get that dirty - the air filter and carb will tend to though!


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Thanks @spudulike - I really appreciate the help.  


I thought best to check about the TF-90 - and more generally the use of carb/break cleaner - because someone told me that they can damage certain plastic and rubber parts.  They recommended instead something like Gunk or Jizer.  


Point taken RE air compressor / air gun.  Perhaps I should look to get one, as I'm sure it will come in handy for other stuff.  I've never had one though and know nothing about them.  Any recommendations for a novice / occasional user?  



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