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  • Rupe

    Review: Working Climber DVD Series 2, Cutting and Rigging in the Tree

    Realistic in its approach to real life tree work

    • No nonsense style by Jerry Beranek
    • Techniques demonstrated throughout
    • None

    This 3 Disc box set is the second in the series made by the world renowned climber and big timber faller Gerald Beranek.


    Video Sample: Working Climber DVD Series Two Cutting and Rigging in the Tree


    Series one looked at tree climbing techniques and in particular it focused on Access and moving through the tree. This second DVD series looks more at the work performed by the climber whilst in the tree and is therefore suitable for climbers wishing to progress with their skills.


    The Three DVD’s cover the following topics.


    Disc 1: Hand saw. Pole Saw. Chain Saw. The cuts.


    Disc 2: Limbing the Tree. Topping the Tree. Chunk it down.


    Disc 3: Rigging in the tree.


    That’s over six hours worth of valuable and extensive knowledge, learned from 40 years worth of experience in tree climbing and working.


    I have been watching these DVD’s over the last few weeks, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Jerry’s experience comes over very well in a pure and basic form of instruction that should appeal to climbers of all levels of ability. I particularly like the way he deals with the real day to day issues that we all face, and he does so in a no nonsense kind of way.


    This is not an NPTC instructional film, and there is plenty of one handed chain saw use, while Jerry reminds us that it is not best practice to one hand a saw, the video is realistic in its approach to real life tree work.


    I thought I might rush through the first two discs, or even skip to the rigging section as that was really what I wanted to watch. But I found myself watching through all of it, picking up some useful nuggets along the way and it was good to see the things that I take for granted being explained in easy to follow steps.


    The rigging section is very good. After looking at the various types of ropes and slings etc. Jerry demonstrates how the various forces act on the tree and equipment in various scenarios. There is no in depth Maths or science as this is not required, but the technical information is all there in an easy to follow manner.


    Even the potential hazards are demonstrated with the help of an action man figure, who has a pretty rough time of it, and scale models of trees and rigging situations.


    Jerry has combined old and new techniques into one complete set of working methods for every possible situation. A truly impressive and thorough piece of work that should be beneficial to companies and individuals for years to come.


    I would recommend this DVD for anybody working in this industry who want to improve their depth of understanding or just to brush up the skills they already have. Stick it on your birthday list!

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    Where's the best place to buy it Rupe? I really fancy having a look at this but I can't bear to pay £66 for it!

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    It is worth it mate.  You will gain more than £66 worth of information.  Having been a great fan of his other work, specifically "The Fundamentals of General Tree Work', I have had this set since it was launched.


    I think I bought it from Treeworker at one of the trade show about 7 6 or 7 years ago.  I can concur with Rupe's thoughts...  I was just gonna skip the first 2 DVD's thinking I know the basics.  I persevered and watched them.


    There are so many things that you forget and little tricks and tips you will pick up, make the watching worth while.


    Mr Beranek has probably forgotten more thing to do with tree work than we actually know.  I have lent the box set to a number of lads who have worked under me at firms.  They have all said the same thing.


    It is a very useful source of information.

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