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Chainsaws Discuss chainsaw makes and models, pros and cons. Get advice on maintenance and day to day usage.

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Old 16-05-12   #1 (permalink)
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Quicky question

how often should i change the sparkplug on my saw ?????????

how often should i strip clean re grease clutch bearing ??????

as i,ve checked read destruction book for saw and found nowt"

tis a ms260 16" bar by the way used as my logging saw and have just recieved 6 ton of logs and going to give it a good going over tonight new chain all filters cleaned out etc

as it will be used all day tomorrow chomping logs
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Re: Quicky question

if it needs it then do it, if not then dont..... simples
thats how i roll anyway
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Re: Quicky question

My 026 is still on its original plug, air filter, had a fuel filter once, i do clean my saws religiously when in work, which helps, and i change sprockets and chains as and when they are due, cant stand the thought of a sprocket breaking down on site and having to change it in the rain and the mud. Just do the service items now, ready for your load of wood, it should be fine til the end, clean air filter daily, sharpen as and when it needs it, clean saw at the end of the day. Done
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Re: Quicky question

Spark plugs don't really wear and very rarely find the need to change them unless the electrodes are worn which is rare, Some may change them as preventative maintenence but personally I don't bother as they are pretty reliable nowerdays.

The sprocket bearing is worth giving a squirt of thick oil or grease any time you have the side cover off, it will help it last but they are pretty resilient unless you have a MS261
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Re: Quicky question

I have a 2003 MS260 that is still on its original plug and starts like a new saw.
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Re: Quicky question

My 260 chews up sparkplugs about 1 per year, starts to missfire and cuts out. The screw on ferrule on sparkplug(NGK) is loose put new plug in with ferrule nicely tightened runs a dream for about year and then does it again. All my other saws are on same plugs and are OK, so whats prob with the 260. I dnt mind but gets irratating
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Re: Quicky question

They normally print it in the back of the manual the recommended times, or not on the website
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Re: Quicky question

hi predator
i change spark plug once a year the bearing should be changed when the sproket or rim is changed also you can put a few drops of oil down the the clutch housing to lubricate the bearing if you want too
that is what i do hope it helps]thanks albert

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Location: ST HELENS
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Re: Quicky question

very very greatful thanks for the info/advice it all helps my learning curve cheers mi dears
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Re: Quicky question

I put a new spark plug in every year or so, not because it really needs it just as preventative maintenance to try and make sure it doesn't go down on site! Then the old one goes into the box the new one came in and gets stashed in tool box as emergency backup.

I grease clutch when I remember really, usually after a few weeks of very heavy use, or when I change sprocket; every 6 months or so? I just smear a load of strimmer gear grease all over it, seems to work as haven't had one go yet...
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