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  1. Thanks Benedmonds, That's why I was wondering whether I could just trim the top 6 inches and shear, rather than topping completely which would look pants! Or did you mean, look pants because it will then go mad as they all vie for dominance??
  2. Thanks - can you suggest something that may only be 5m tall? That said, space is limited, so even if the stump is ground out I don't see how I could grow anything as a replacement
  3. Thank you! Wow 25m!!! So basically I have little choice but to shear it annually to keep the shape if I want to limit height by pruning leader...
  4. Hi all! Could you help me identify the following tree please. Has great conical shape and dozens of pine cones higher up. Was told by a tree surgeon it would grow to double it's current height. About 5m now and I'd like it to remain at current height. Seen videos such as this: https://youtu.be/DUxkjvVOWQ8 Question I have is whether pruning the leader will halt height?? And then annually removing suckers? Or will trimming leader cause it to lose shape? Many thanks


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