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  1. Not all four guys were there the whole time, at times one or two came and went to what I assume were other jobs. There might have even been 5 at one point. I imagine the job could of been done much quicker if they wanted to but it was a nice sunny day and they were lounging around a bit and not in a major rush. I imagine they gross much more than the figures mentioned here.
  2. Are you comparing the skill of a surgeon who can make lifechanging changes to someones body and quality of life to a group of guys that chop down trees? Surely you wouldn't be so thick and low IQ... but nothing surprises me
  3. I caused quite a storm on here You guys should have handbags not chainsaws
  4. The tree was at ground level by 1pm. After that it was all grinding the stump and removing the wood.
  5. They turned up on time first thing in the morning Didn't break anything and were extremely professional. A team of 4 and they cleaned up very well. There were no payment requirements
  6. Just to update you guys, tree felled and stump ground = £1050
  7. I think part of the problem here is that you guys from other parts of the country see that the job is in London and assume that we are all made of money and jobs should cost much more. two of the arborists that have visited in person and said it is a job that can be done in a day or less and they have priced it accordingly, it's easy to throw about these 2k figures online but I highly doubt you could look a customer in the face and tell them you are charging them 2k for one days work and if you do then I'd align you with the roofer types that go around scamming pensioners.
  8. Very hostile Just an update for you guys, I had another quote today which was £700 for just the tree cut down and then another £350 for stump removal. From a local company that covers the Greater London area.
  9. how much did it cost.. 3 grand? lol
  10. I had originally come here to try and identify which oak tree it was, only in the last few days it was decided it was going to be cut down. In any industry it should be fine to question a quote you get. I don't see questioning why something costs £2000 for one days work is such a surprise to anyone.
  11. I have one quote for £1250 + vat so far and some lower ones elseware
  12. What has that got to do with anything? why should you over pay for something just because of that the logic of some of you guys is amazing
  13. I'm happy to be uneducated if it means I don't pay double the price for things
  14. it was theoretical and only assuming that the company is doing 4 of these trees a week, which they can do many more anyway I'm not here to break down anyones business. I was just clearly stating that 2k seemed a bit excessive, which is my opinion and I am entitled to that
  15. while being an arborist is a very respectable job and deserves to be paid well for the high level of skill, risk and knowledge it takes. If you done 4 of these trees a week at 2k you would be turning over 400k a year.


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