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  1. ElectroArb

    T540i XP

    Fans of the state-of-the-art lock it on your saw and clip it to your harness type scabbard that you find on the MS201t are in for a bit of a disappointment, as the scabbard supplied is a very standard type, such as you would expect to find supplied on any of the smaller a Husqvarnas.
  2. ElectroArb

    T540i XP

    So, what comes in the box? You would surely ask if thus inclined. Well, it’s pretty much standard chainsaw stuff. On ordering, there were two options of either 12” bar and chain or 14”. An option of ‘no bar and chain’ doesn’t seem to be on offer at present. Everything else is pretty much as you would expect for a petrol saw, right down to the standard plug spanner. There is no carb-tuning screwdriver (for obvious reasons), but you do get one of these as compensation.... Which can be fitted over what would have been the starter housing, if you wish to keep dust out of your armature.
  3. ElectroArb

    T540i XP

    It could be argued that February 2020 was not the perfect time to be launching a ‘game-changing’ new product, but that being said, Husqvarna’s latest battery saw appears to have hit the stores with only a couple of months delay. I appreciate that for many, now is not the time to be splashing out on ‘experimental purchases’, but for anyone who has taken the plunge, what are your real-world-experiences of the T540i so far? It’s a while since I used a petrol 540 (although it was one of the early models, and tbh, I wasn’t that impressed), so maybe I am not really in a position to compare the two, but in comparison to my usual weapon of choice (200t) Husqvarna's latest offering seems pretty favourable. Pros, Cons, Mods, Hacks or Questions.... be interested to hear them.


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