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  1. not sure tbh. was the PO who had £10,000 worth of work on it before he gave up and traded it in. I bought it from an auction and it had just had its third turbo. I managed 30,000 miles in it but the limp home got lumpy and the truck undriveable. I might end up selling it for spares or repair.
  2. I wish it was that easy. the fuel filter has just been done and the battery was off while I took the ecu out and reconnected. would hope that the main dealer would have picked up on that.
  3. the truck in the past has had three new turbos and a new eco all fitted my the dealer and all before 40,000 miles. would be good to find out what is causing this. im pretty sure it is a fuel delivery sensor. someone mentioned a damaged fuel delivery chip on the ecu. would that explain why it's ticking over fine but then limping home almost straight away when the truck demands more fuel. but what would cause a chip to fry? Might just cut my losses shortly.
  4. Did anyone ever solve this issue? Im having massive grief with the same truck. thanks
  5. So no further forward with this. the garage isn't doing a great job to be honest. they're too busy it seems. anyway they had it for a week and when I called to find out what was happening they didn't really know. They'd basically just looked at the diagnostics and done what they said. They told me it needed a turbo or maybe an actuator according to the diagnostics. but physically looking at the turbo they then told me it didn't. They've regenerated the DPF and it had a sticky exhaust valve apparently but its still running exactly as it was. they phoned to tell me it was not running on the third cylinder once it goes into limp home. as in the truck starts and ticks over fine. even revs ok but when its driven it kicks into limp home and runs on three cylinders. so he's going to swap the electrics round on the top of the injectors to see if that's the problem. but that doesn't explain why its going into limbo home in the first place. only recently has it gone into lump home. for the last three years when it went into limp home it started away no problem and was fine. maybe a bad injector? Total nightmare. Any specific insight into fixing this would be most welcome cause im going to end up mental, spending a small fortune and it will be no better. plus working with an old landcruiser and a plant trailer is not the best. Thanks.
  6. this would be great if you could tell me where you got the new pump. Thanks
  7. Thankyou! I haven’t changed the fuel filter in a while so that could be part of the problem. Here’s hoping 🤞 this works.
  8. Thanks. I'll double check all round the turbo. there was a slight sooting on it but I couldn't see where from. Maybe ill just take it off and have a look.
  9. Sadly, I think its more complicated because there are several which have suffered from the same problem, as far as I can tell. its just that quite often folk describe the problem and never conclude with the solution. so I've read a few thread specific to canters with identical problems but I cannae find a solution. Someone recommended taking the ECU out and sending it down south to have the software updated. someone else recommenced opening up the spaghetti junction bonus underneath and drying out the next of wires. another said injectors another said injector pump. It must be a common fault because a lot of folk have it. unless it is just the ECU being in the crossroads of MUTIII and the previous code. Hopefully someone who has had one of these and suffered the same fate will have a solution. cheers for the help..
  10. How do? I've a Mitsubishi Canter 2007 3c13 with a limp home fault. The truck originally used to go into limp home occasionally when it was driven hard, but lately it has developed a fault where when the truck is accelerated at all it pulls back and runs lumpy as - Almost like its down a cylinder. I've read a few threads from folk with similar problems, but as yet have not heard of a consistent solution. the fuel lines are new, the turbo is quite new. it has had the engine management light on for a couple years now which came about as a result of towing a digger up a long hill when the first limp home mode kicked in. over two years and 15,000 miles agio. the light did go out for a wee while but came back on and as I said is happening all the time now. its a shame as its a great truck with a wide cab. Hopefully someone has had a similar problem and found a solution. I don't want to pay Mitsubishi mechanics rates if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance.


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