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  1. Of course I do ... the 660 and 395 vids shown previously are both mine along with another 8 ported saws ! Here’s me hotwoods ported 261c ! ... someone mention torque ?
  2. The video features a stock 661 vs a ported 461 with the 461 a whisker quicker ... Stock vs Stock ... 661ftw !
  3. https://youtu.be/EKE_XUxKync
  4. That 660 hotwoods ported will EAT a stock 661 for breakfast as will the 395xp ... heck my ported 462c and 461R will run right with a stock 661 with 20” bars no problem ... mod the 661 equally and then the “little saws” will be left behind 😆
  5. . .......395xp ported with work tune ... off roll STIHL RS chain 3/8 .050
  6. Yngwie

    E5 fuel

    Yah , in the USA the fuel marked ethanol free can LEGALLY contain up to 5% ethanol ... In the newer strato-saws the choice of fuel and mix oil is critical for longevity ... this applies to all saws of course ! The strato-charged saws have ports that inject raw air into the cylinder to delay the charge coming from the case thru the transfers .. this prevents the fresh charge from going out the exhaust like in a conventional Saw ... this is how they get 20% better fuel efficiency in the newer saws ; unfortunately they also run hot (lean) ... there are workarounds to this however that is beyond the scope of this comment
  7. https://youtu.be/V9cuN-fe8M0
  8. O/h ; a/h ; o/a , opp over hypotenuse ; adjacent over hypotenuse and opp over adjacent ; or simply “Ozzy Hates , All Heads, Of Animals”
  9. Pure rubbish ! Besides ...it ain’t me balls that weigh 20lbs 😏
  10. Yngwie

    Stihl hl94

    Looks like that engine is rated at only 1.2 hp !
  11. Me either ... methinks 🐒 needs a check-up from the neck-up ! 🤮🤮🤮
  12. ... sorry , forgot to mention 20lbs resides in my drawers!
  13. Chop down small trees with me right ... took 6 wk online course with Chuck Norris 😊


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