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  1. Patents would have restricted your design if it was truly original wouldn't it?
  2. Just shows how careful you need to be. Not sure if there is a UK case but bad things do happen. https://www.boston25news.com/news/-lucky-to-be-alive-man-shares-story-after-losing-leg-in-wood-chipper-accident/879930553
  3. Can anybody say what's best machine to chim fresh green stuff, lots of holly and brambles.
  4. Can you supply a link to the eBay £1700 14hp please?
  5. Well Rough Hewn, thanks to a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, that blade arrived today. All I can say is a big thank you. It made big piles of dry brambles into a much much smaller pile of short sticks. They're now so small we're going to burn them in a metal bin tomorrow. I kept the them going today of getting another big impact job done and revealed what was once a rear driveway and cut the grass. Massive success again I feel. Also prepped up for another back breaking ground clearance and rake down. There's a horrid pile of holly looking at me now but I'll beat it one way or another.
  6. Thanks Rough Huwn n Bob, do you mean the Elite shown below? http://www.cheapmowers.com/acatalog/Eliet_Minor_Chipper_Shredder_Briggs_and_Stratton.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8ejX9LCX2wIVDp3tCh0OCAcxEAQYAyABEgJKNPD_BwE Good day for it Bob, looks fun mate.
  7. Ooo, that looks a good tool. Stihl don't sell those do they so I'll need buy an aftermarket one like in your link. Thanks very mulch for the tip:)
  8. I have this blade, it's wearing down but done some serious brambles whacking. I've abused it hitting soil and roots but this heavy foliage needed tough treatment. Might treat myself to a new blade as mine is much shorter now.
  9. Had another fantastic day in the sunshine folks, just a rake & strimmer today but it looks amazing. I see a problem looming though, all the crud produced strimming to ground zero is mixed in with twiglet from phase one and it's building up in large loads. God knows how I'll deal with that lot but progress is being made. Advise is welcome:) I put my earliest photo of it here to show how impenetrable it was. Brambles were 5 feet up in this area. I'm pleased with progress to say it's my first ever go at anything like this. No wonder you arborists are all so happy, it's really rewarding work. Plus the mother is pleased which is the objective.
  10. So I see everybody loves the cs100, but that's just a chipper isn't it, what's the best small chipper/shredder? Looking at videos of the cs1oo, it still spits out some fair sized waste to my mind. Like it's just a chipper isn't it and would a combi machine improve things yet again?
  11. Aspenarb, What chipper is that? Does it shred as well? That looks like a job n a half having to ship your tackle in. Did the chipper go on the boat?
  12. Thanks for the welcome and replies folks, my machine came with a spare sharpened blade and we had a very successful day. Older woodier brambles did pull through well with timber to help thanks. The machine did clog again on holly but then it did take a good lot of it in too. I think the holly really needs to dry out, will it go through then I wonder? Funnily enough, my machine has a refabricated hopper, maybe it's the same one:) And the seller had upgraded to the CS100. I'm not sure my mum's warrants the extra useability of the CS100 but the extra cash would be a stretch. Looking back on eBay, a CS100 recently sold with the little trailer for £1,850. If I could find the same deal I would be straight in! This machine behaved fantastic today though. Again, snapping some offshoots on the main trunk helped plough in some good sized material without any trimming today. The snaps stay attached but it just enables the trunk into the hopper outlet at blade end. We are definitely getting our money's worth and I love using it. Where is best to get blade sharpened? Would my local Stihl shop sort it, they do sharpen chainsaw and circular saw blades so there's a good chance. All the best, swampie.
  13. Morning All, This is my first post despite lurking in the background for a little while. I'm not an arborist, I've just been helping my mum out with her newly bought house which is too big for her, luckily she loves gardening. I recently purchased a used Timberwolf 13/75, it's a wonderful machine to help. It's particularly good with woody stuff. I did read it's a menace straightening branches to feed in but I found if I snapped the shoots near the trunk by hand, i didnt need to prune them, the snap did enough despite still being still attached. It worked great on all the dry woody stuff that we cut weeks ago. However, the is loads of holly and brambles and the whispy shoots are a real pain. It seems anything soft doesn't always cut and therefore eventually clogs the exhaust. This is a real pain as I'd prefer everything in tiny chips but also progress is slowed by clearing the exhaust regularly. Has anyone got any advice on what I should doo with it or even if I should find a shredder to cope with this greener material?


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