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  1. Wanted a trade. Chap down the road had a job going..fencing and tree work. Loved doing both but he provided me with low hours. So there was a company that carried out tree cutting around the power lines. They said if I got my cs30/31 then they would give me a job.. I did and now I'm a team leader.
  2. Ah nice try the uk you'd be very miserable
  3. So does this mean it's best to re qualify French style or just wing it and see??!
  4. Both but thanks for writing the forum down again. Il see how I get on Do you enjoy life in France. Where do you live
  5. I have yes but I could not find where I posted the thread to carry on the convo and see the responses. Looking dordogne area. Thanks again Also could you give me the French thread again sorry!
  6. Hello I live in the U.K. and am looking to move to France once I have become more fluent in the language I have my CS30/31/38/39/40 and am qualified to work around the power lines. I am a team leader with 6 years experience. Do I stand a chance of getting a job in France Thankyou.
  7. Hello Do you live in france? I have cs30/31/38/39/40 and electrical tree cutting qualifications. What's it like to get a job in France for a Brit? Impossible???
  8. Are my nptc tickets worth nothing in france???
  9. Many reasons but i have heard edf are the electricity suppliers so i will contact them and find out who they use to cut around their powers lines.
  10. Hello Im a utility cutter, i have my nptc tickets from cs30 to cs40 Im looking to get Work in france as a utility cutter and wondered Do any of you guys know who i can contact in France that is involved in the utility cutting there. Thanks


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