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  1. Come on ! We want pics of yr big log stack ! ;) K

  2. Hi all. For anyone who may need it. This a copy of the Ntec ch30 chippit chipper. (Like timberwolf 150). I obtained it for my own use and it's invaluable to keep these old girls running. I hope it helps. Chippit 30DH manual.pdf
  3. Cheers muchly. One is on its way to me. Happy days.
  4. Thanks chaps, I appreciate the input, I was looking at the stein version at fr Jones yesterday but I think I'll go for the tiny tach. Stay safe out there
  5. Hiya. Arbtech do a decent range of gloves. I use their chainsaw work gloves £30 something. I mainly work in forestry and ground work, they fit well and don't loose their shape. So far I have used one pair for 6mths with no issues other than the general wear that I would expect. Failing that you can get a pair of wondergrip neo gloves, far cheaper and no chainsaw protection but fab grip. But even I land up not always wearing them as my hands get to hot and I have better grip on the saw without them, I just put it in my risk assessment when on site to cover my arse Hope that helps.
  6. Hi guys. Can any one advise me what make of tachometer would be good for my saws, I have a mix of sthil and husky and although they both have their own versions of tachometer. I'm having issues finding the refresh rates and any other tech info. Also can anyone advise any other brands that are viable. I do all the maintenance work myself to save on costs and the fact that most dealers here take too long with repairs. This is one piece of equipment I desperately need. Spanks in advance Arbwench
  7. 'Wheres that log stack pic ! " ;) K

    1. Arbwench


      I can't seem to upload a piccy of my wood :D. Apparently it's too big. Lol.

  8. Good news everyone. I got my cs30/31 so on my way. Heading into forestry. Thanks for the support stay safe and warm
  9. Mmmm a girl likes donuts too with a big fat cuppa and a wood burner. I'll check back in and let you know how it goes. Thanks guys. Stay safe out there
  10. Thanks chaps..I'm gonna go for it. Wish me luck. I'll be a tree ninja soon
  11. Hi arb peeps. Would anyone please advise me if Writtle college are any good? I'm looking at doing a few courses to get me further into the industry, however I'm not hearing great things from local arborist's. For example people not being passed because they are only doing a couple of days against the students that are doing longer courses, assessor's that are instructors at other colleges with higher pass rates etc I don't fancy shelling out over a grand just to make up numbers and then not pass. Also, will I get treated well being a lass?. I know some instructors and examiners can be a little sexsist and I've been advised that writtle can be like that. Ive always worked with men and love the banter. Any honest advice would be great. Ive done a ton of self study on trees, species, pests and diseases. Managed to get some part time work with a local arborist who has been training me in the ways of a good groundy, I've been learning rigging and knots, all the chainsaw ground work, and being petrol minded fixing saws and equipment on the fly seems to be my thing!. All want to do is climb trees do quality tree work (not just chog it all down standing on spikes)and run my little wood yard. This girl loves a bit of wood :D. Thank you all in advance.


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