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    The Poplars

    All types of logs and clean chip accepted please call ahead.
  2. Thanks Steve, let me know what I need to do.
  3. If I want to get on the list Steve is it something I can do or do you need to add me?
  4. I'm just outside Holbeach and might be able to help out with both, drop me a PM
  5. If it helps I now use a cheap set of car ramps like these and a log under the front and it lifts it to a much better working height. I agree with StuartM its much easier with 2, one loading and one working the leavers. For what I need it really suits, I used to have a screw splitter on the back of my little Kubota but this way I can still use the tractor/trailer for logs and the venom splits way better than the screw splitter ever did.
  6. I bought one about 6 months ago. I'm only using it for my own use and I split a bit for friends and neighbours, I've done about 8-10 tons through it so far since I've had it. My thoughts are its a very good machine for heavy domestic use but probably too slow/low for everyday use. It's split some pretty knotty stuff and doesn't struggle, I've never needed to run it anymore than about 3/4 of full revs. Downsides are its pretty hard on your back as its low to the ground. BTW I think some of the early negative reviews were when they sent them out not fully assembled, but they now send them fully assembled mine came with all the hydraulic oil engine oil and even a little fuel in it from when they did the PDI.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for unprocessed firewood/arb waste around the Spalding/Holbeach area of south lincs for my own use only. I'm able to collect with a pickup and trailer, not worried too much about wood type/size as long as it will burn. If anyone is able to help please contact me with details and an idea of cost etc Many Thanks Charles.


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