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  1. Does anyone know where’s best to send my cs100 blades off to be sharpened and how much around about would a pair cost to be sharpened? thanks
  2. When I think of a wee chipper and then think about the price £10,000 seems a lot of money unless of course your using it all the time I probably use my greenmech 30-40 days a year at most which isn’t a lot so maybe I just need something good reliable and not over the £5000 mark
  3. What are the prices for the Eliet professional machines?
  4. I’ve seen there’s a pro version now looks really good but the price of some of these machines £10,000 plus vat always seems a lot of money
  5. Does anyone know the prices for the jo beau m500? I’ve also looked at the Eliet tracked which seems to me expensive. And also been looking at the new Peruzzo tracked. Also needs something which isn’t so hard to push up into my custom van.
  6. Anyone know much about the DR chippers? I’ve got a Greenmech cs100 was looking for something a little more powerful but don’t want to spend too much money on a new machine but also don’t want to go down the route of a road towable one.
  7. Has anyone ever had,used or own a DR pro wood chipper I have the cs100 which is a lovely machine but it just seems a lot of effort constantly standing there pushing the stuff in sometime for it to hurt your arms with the vibrations. Looked at the DR range the big one specifically XL looks a tidy mean machine and my local dealer I use for all my machinery deal with them. But want to find out what there like before I go buy one
  8. Yes I have thought of that, but it’s not just getting it in android out of the van it’s walking it to the job for example down the bottom of a garden it’s okay getting it down it’s getting it up if it has a slight slope.
  9. I think the M500 is a little over priced in my honest opinion a nice machine but to spend that kind of money i would have to do tree work every day 6 days a week to ever get my money back and that’s saying wether there is that amount of tree work out there I’m more of a gardener/landscaper and only do the odd chipping etc i would only be using it once or twice a week in the summer then maybe 3-4 days a week in the winter. I have thought about the power barrow in all honesty
  10. And I’m guessing the prices of these machines are 6000 plus vat?
  11. Hello im based in kings lynn norfolk, 40 miles from Norwich they do look very similar to the cs100 if they perform just as good but with tracks I don’t think I’ve have an issue with buying one of them. Fed up of walking up and down steep gardens getting to the top and nearly passing out. Especially when I know I can make my life easier
  12. I use a ifor Williams tipper trailer for the chippings and put the cs100 in my transit custom but this week I’ve spent a week on taking 15ft out of a 80 metre hedge and have had to put it all the way around the outside of the hedge which was exhausting. I’m thinking either Peruzzo tracked or Jo Beau M500 would like another cs100 just a shame they don’t make it easier to manoeuvre
  13. Hello havent been on here in a long while, since I brought my cs100 as was super chuffed with it! But am getting to the stage where I’m getting fed up of pulling it in and out of my truck! So I need some ideas for a new chipper which pretty much moves its self with as much power as the cs100 if not better
  14. I'm not mechanically minded like that haha. Just such hard work pushing the cs100 about


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